Yamato Model Kits by Bandai

Part 7: Fresh Faces

After its huge wave of reissues in 1980, Bandai focused entirely on all-new kits to tie in with Yamato III in 1981. With a 52-episode commitment from the Yomiuri Network, everyone expected the series to keep fans hungry for model kits all the way through the fall. But when the network prematurely ended the program in April, it meant Bandai’s next wave of models would debut on store shelves after the series was over. Nevertheless, the company’s high standard was well-maintained with these kits.

1/2400 Galman-Gamilas Large Battleship (April 1981)

1/6000 New Dessler Battleship (May 1981)

Mecha Collection Kits 23-26 (May 1981)

   23: New Dessler Battleship
   24: Cosmo Hound
   25: Galman-Gamilas Large Battleship with mini fightercraft
   26: Galman-Gamilas Battle Carrier with mini fightercraft

1/2400 Galman-Gamilas Battle Carrier (June 1981)

Mecha Collection Kits 27-30 (June 1981)

   27: Galman-Gamilas Twin Tri-Deck Carrier
   28: Bolar Large Battleship Legendra with mini fightercraft
   29: Galman-Gamilas Dessler Gunship
   30: Galman-Gamilas Proton Missile Ship

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Bandai promotional brochure, 1981

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