Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Report 31

As the final month before the final chapter in this dimension of the Yamato saga, February 2019 got more exciting as it went on, literally taking us up to the eve of Chapter 7’s premiere. Here’s everything that went down in the countdown…

February 1: Episode 18 on TV

The TV edition of Chapter 5 ended with Desperate Situation on Yamato – again, a devil’s choice. Gatlantis arrives in the solar system and everything goes to hell when its true face is finally revealed.

See the trailer for this episode here.

February 2: Return to Funimation

Lo, the English-speaking world was filled with great rejoicing when Yamato 2202 re-commenced its weekly appearance on Funimation with new episodes, starting with #14. This would continue all the way to the end of the series on April 27.

February 6: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick model, Vol. 002

Now that Hachette’s record-breaking model was off the launch pad, weekly parts began arriving in stores and subscribers’ mailboxes. This volume gave you a complete shock cannon (one of three, of course) that is intriguingly wired up once you assemble it.

Also shipping this week (to subscribers only) was the starter kit that includes three 1/350 fightercraft and a plastic bin to store your parts as you assemble them. More such bonuses are promised in the future, but you have to have a Japanese address to subscribe. Or a really good friend with one.

Photo at right posted on Twitter by peneloperx104.

See Hachette’s instruction video here. See an unboxing video here.

Order volume 002 from Hobbylink Japan here.

Photo below left posted by Uta.

February 8: Phone charger announced

Loppi struck again with another new piece of tie-in merch. For those unfamiliar, Loppi is a product maker that sets up electronic vending machines in convenience stores. At this machine, you can preorder Loppi products or win them in prize lotteries. They then ship to the store where they were ordered.

On this day, they offered a new wireless phone charger with Teresa’s image; an appropriate choice for someone who transmits energy wirelessly throughout the universe.

February 8: Episode 19 on TV

In Heir to Yamato, the name is Ginga, Chapter 6 began to unfold on TV screens. The battle of the solar system expands into previously-unseen territory and a new Yamato-class ship takes center stage. Right on cue, the end title theme shifted over to Great Sum, sung by Koichi Yamadera.

See the trailer for this episode here.

Photo posted on Twitter by the Yamato 2202 Production Committee

February 8: Marathon screening

With Yamato 2199, Chapters 1-6 each got a one-week return engagement in theaters leading up to the finale in August 2013. This time, the return engagement took place in two marathon screenings. This was the second of the two, allowing fans to watch Chapters 4-6 in one sitting at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater. This gruelling session lasted from 11pm on the 8th to 5am on the 9th.

To wish fans the best of luck in their nocturnal voyage, a stage greeting was held before the marathon featuring Director Nobuyoshi Habara, Writer Harutoshi Fukui, Actor Eriko Nakamura, and host Osamu Kobayashi. Their segment was recorded for one of the upcoming Promotional Meeting of Love videos.

February 9: Animage Vol. 489

Having completed his work on 2202, Klaus Keyman’s voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya was one of the first to talk about the full experience. In this thoughtful interview, he shared his learning process and relationship with his unique character. Read it here.

Photo posted on Twitter by Tamashii Nations

February 10: Wonder Festival 2019 Winter

For what was likely the last time, a Yamato 2202 pavilion was set up at the annual convention that kicks off a new year of hobby shows. The 3-meter display model was there along with new and upcoming Bandai products.

The Soul of Chogokin model was displayed along with an in-scale SoC Garmillas Destria. It had appeared before, but this time the signage indicated that it would be released at a date TBD.

Yamato Crew was there with fan club merchandise. A new “valentine pack” went on sale featuring Yuki and Yamamoto. The pack contained chocolates and an exclusive clear file, and was limited to 450 units.

There were also garage kits to be found from independent manufacturers. See everything in a Wonder Festival 2019 photo gallery here.

Photo at right posted on Twitter by hachi kuji

February 13: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick model, Vol. 003

This set contained more bow parts, the beginning of the captain’s dome, and the first Cosmo Tiger II. Fans who had collected the test-market edition in summer 2018 noted that the modeling of these parts was noticeably improved.

See Hachette’s instruction video here. See an unboxing video here.

Order volume 003 from Hobbylink Japan here.

February 13: Chapter 7 video package art revealed

Today Bandai gave us a look at the package art for the Chapter 7 blu-ray and the booklets that would accompany the theater-exclusive edition. It was unknown at the time whether the images were literal or symbolic, but it gave us some new dimensions to ponder.

February 13: Official tweet

The Twitter page of the Yamato 2202 Production Committee posted this photo with the following caption: “The other day, we finished the latest editing work on the trailer, and Dr. Sado said cheers! Latest Chapter 7 trailer to be released soon!

In fact, it would be released the very next day, where we got a better look at the scene on the editor’s monitor.

February 14: Final trailer

The very last 2202 trailer was a fitting and emotional presentation. Light on dialogue (apart from the line “Seize the future”) it sensitively combined a 2-minute montage of striking images with the classic end song from 1978, From Yamato With Love.

See it on Youtube here.

February 15: Episode 20 on TV

The tragic history of Zordar and Gatlantis take center stage in Gatlantis, cursed children when the archives of Planet Zemuria are unearthed. Despite losing Yuki to amnesia, Kodai is determined to reach Zordar in person and stop the madness before Earth is overrun.

See the trailer for this episode here.

Photos posted on Twitter by Ryota Ebinuma

February 17: Yakitori Yamato restaurant evening festival

Back in January, fan club members at the elite gold level were given a unique opportunity to join a private event at Yakitori Yamato, the restaurant owned by Executive Producer Shoji Nishizaki. Those who won a lottery would pay 9000yen (about $80) for a gourmet meal and group conversation with Nishizaki, Harutoshi Fukui, and Nobuyoshi Habara.

Many of those who went posted glowingly about it on Twitter; see their photos here.

February 18: Official site news

Two new announcements gave fans something to look forward to. First, the 3-meter display models of both Yamato and Andromeda were reinstalled at the Shinjuku Piccadilly, this time flying in parallel rather than facing off. They would remain in residence until March 14.

Second, the stage greeting set to take place on the morning of March 2 (featuring the principle voice actors) would be live-streamed to all theaters showing Chapter 7, except for the Marunouchi Piccadilly in Tokyo, which would get its very own stage greeting later in the day.

Photo posted on Twitter by Yamato Crew

Nobuyoshi Habara and Harutoshi Fukui pose with their fans.
BADUMPSHHHH! Photo posted on Twitter by Naochan

February 18: Chapter 7 advance screening

At 7pm on this day, the first fans to have the pleasure of seeing Chapter 7 turned out at the Shinjuku Piccadilly theater for a full screening led by a stage greeting from Exec Producer Shoji Nishizaki, Director Nobuyoshi Habara, and Writer Harutoshi Fukui with host Osamu Kobayashi. (It was unknown at the time that Mr. Habara was sporting three cracked ribs from a bicycle accident earlier in the day; he himself wouldn’t know until getting an X-ray the next morning.)

A pair of “secret gifts” was given to everyone who had won the ticket lottery for this screening: Kodai and Yuki “costume water” bottles and a commemorative “completion coin.”

February 20: OUT magazine special issue

Published by Kadokawa, this 176-page extravaganza is a simultaneous love letter to 2202 and the original OUT magazine, which single-handedly brought the original series back to public consciousness at a key moment in the saga’s history (read all about that watershed event here). Roughly a quarter of the page count is given to color coverage of the anime, and the rest is a treasure trove of light-hearted features: short stories, fan art, parody manga, character rankings, articles on the history of OUT and fan-generated media, some amazing tribute art, and much more.

Order it from here or from CD Japan here.

February 20: 1/350 Diecast Gimmick model, Vol. 004

The parts in this set allowed users to build the captain’s dome and upper sensor suite, and also add another hull segment to the bow.

See Hachette’s instruction video here. See an unboxing video here.

Order volume 004 from Hobbylink Japan here.

February 21: Director interview

Kyodo published a short interview with Nobuyoshi Habara talking about Chapter 7 and the completion of the series. See the original post here and read a translation here.

February 22: Purchase campaign announced

Today it was announced that starting on March 1, participating stores would be offering seven bonus postcards for any 2199 or 2202 blu-ray purchases, all featuring artwork from 2202 posters. One would be given away with each video purchase for as long as supplies lasted. Anyone who bought a 2202 Vol. 1 soundtrack would get a CD-size sticker of the cover art.

February 22: 9-minute Chapter 7 preview

The first portion of the first episode in Chapter 7 was released on Youtube, showing 7.5 minutes of footage that picked up right from Chapter 6’s cliffhanger ending. See it here.

February 22: Episode 21 on TV

Escape from a Nightmare, the last TV episode before the premiere of Chapter 7, brought us to the next phase of the war, with a renewed assault on Gatlantis and Yamanami’s dramatic attempt to rescue Yamato from certain death.

See the trailer for this episode here.

February 22: Kia Asamiya on Twitter

Illustrator/animator Kia Asamiya checked in with his latest message for fans: “Today, there was an official preview of the finale of Yamato 2202! This three-year voyage has finally ended! Thanks to the effort of the staff and people involved! Fans, please feel it at the theater March 1!”

February 23: 1/1000 Dreadnought set

The “Mars Absolute Defense Line Set” was a double reissue of the UNCF Dreadnought released in 2018, each molded in new colors to match their onscreen counterparts.

The terminology on the box refers to the last line of defense before Gatlantis reaches Earth.

February 23: Mecha Collection models 10 and 11

Two Dreadnoughts were not enough for one day! On the same store shelves could now be found twin double-sets of the Mecha Collection version.

Each double-set offered different color variants to expand your fleet at breakneck speed.

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