Yamato Resurrection Chapter 8

Resolution to Destroy the Earth Ship

The massive SUS fortress drifted through the vacuum of infinite space. Built in the shape of a solitary island floating in a remote sea of glaciers, it spanned several kilometers in length. It gave the impression of an artificial island made of strong alloys floating on a glowing gravity field.

Around the fortress were satellites reminiscent of natural reefs. In the event of a decisive battle, these five satellites transformed into gigantic hyper neutron beam gun turrets.

Beneath that huge fortress, shuttles gathered in response to a summons from Governor Metsler, SUS representative of the Great Urup Interstellar Union. They carried delegations from each of the six nations that made up that union. Members of these delegations gazed upon the giant SUS fortress in awe and fear. The SUS effectively controlled the Interstellar Union of Nations with its powerful military might, which overwhelmed all others.

In the galactic center, cruel interstellar wars had continued for generations. No on in the galaxy could deny the role the SUS had played in bringing them to an end, but by abusing the political advantages it had gained afterward, it continued its reign over other nations like a feudal monarch.

If anyone dared raise a protest, it was unilaterally quashed either by the SUS’ powerful space fleet or intangible pressure applied across space. This huge space fortress was a symbol of the power of the state. It was said that when it twisted space to perform a warp, space-time earthquakes would shake the galaxy. This fortress caused space itself to tremble.

Inside the fortress, the national delegates proceeded silently through a corridor like prisoners, bathed in the cold gaze of SUS soldiers. The walls were lined with a number of demon sculptures standing on their hind legs and spitting flames from their mouths, “ravenous lions” that created a medieval atmosphere.

The six delegations quietly moved through the intimidating corridor together and into a grand conference hall. The high ceiling was dotted with magnificent chandeliers and the entire floor was covered in red carpets. The SUS crest proudly adorned one wall. This place had been built to demonstrate the overwhelming abundance of the Union, aimed at discouraging any hint of defiance.

In the center of the hall, wearing a complex expression, sat Amal’s representative General Pascal.

The voice of a moderator echoed throughout the chamber:

“I would ask the representatives of the Interstellar Union of Nations to welcome to the platform his excellency, President of the SUS, Governor-General Metsler.”

With a fearless smile, Metsler looked calmly over the delegates and began to speak without so much as a bow.

“Earth, the great evil of space that threatens us, has finally broken through our line of defense. I must say, they are a formidable group of invaders.”

Projected onto a huge screen before the gathering, Yamato was seen destroying the SUS vanguard fleet. Yamato‘s Cosmo Pulsars danced like swallows across space, shooting down one SUS fighter after another. In addition, a double-seater variation of the Pulsar that carried heavy missiles on both wings was seen launching them into SUS ships, bursting them into flaming wreckage. Every time a ship of the Interstellar Union was destroyed, gasps and whispers rippled through the delegations gathered in the conference hall.

A cold smile crossed Metsler’s face as he watched them. Entirely as planned, these representatives were being expertly manipulated, deceived by one-sided information to guide them in a direction the SUS required.

At first, Metsler had been willing to tolerate the migration of Earthlings to Amal, seeing them merely as 2.7 billion more human assets for the SUS. He thought there would be some merit to this, workers to mine Amal’s abundant resources, and new technology to be incorporated into the Union. But the more he learned about Earthlings, the more threatened he felt.

(They are a spirited and independent race. And they possess wisdom, as well. They will not follow the rule of the SUS.)

If the Earthlings were to join hands with Planet Amal and enhance their technology, they would inevitably challenge the SUS. Amal’s Queen Irya had already shown hints of defiance.

(It is more convenient for the status quo to crush the Earthlings rather than capture them.)

With that judgment, he had moved to prevent the migration of Earth. Metsler’s final decision was supported by General Barlsman.

“Destroy these superfluous things. Don’t give Irya any more assets.”

Thus began the SUS attacks on the emigration fleets.

Of course, when the screen had displayed images of Earth’s first and second emigration fleets, no indiscriminate attacks by the SUS had been shown.

“Haven’t there been rumors about Planet Earth…?”

“Earthlings are a warlike people who have repeatedly fought many space empires…”

“Have they begun a full-scale invasion…?”

A clamor continued among the delegates. Only Amal’s General Pascal stared silently at the screen. After pondering the words of Queen Irya, he had wanted to provide Earth with Amal’s moon. If Earthlings were just invaders as Metsler was saying…providing them with a new place of residence would be out of the question. But he had seen no flaws in Queen Irya’s judgment.

“We must not allow Earth to threaten the peace of interstellar space,” Metsler bellowed. “I want it to be resolved that the total power of the Interstellar Union will destroy the entire Earth fleet. Does anyone oppose this resolution?”

A young general who General Pascal did not recognize responded to Metsler.

“No nation present would fail to denounce these invaders!”

He wore the ornamental military uniform of the Nation of Fridei. The faces of the attending representatives changed for each meeting until those who showed anything other than complete adulation of the SUS had been steadily eliminated. The voices of young and old alike rose in approval.

Concealing his inner contempt, Metsler stood up from his seat and mimicked an expression of regret.

“There can be no prosperity among the Interstellar Union without the extermination of the Earth fleet. We shall take up the challenge of this battle.”

Ironically, Metsler was the youngest of all who had gathered here, and after all was said and done, the Great Urup Interstellar Union was the only nation that truly constituted the SUS. On the face of it, they used an official language of politeness, but his words overflowed with natural arrogance backed by the confidence that no one would defy him.

Without a voice of objection among them, all the delegates raised their right hands high…except General Pascal. After some hesitation, he slowly raised his.

The meeting ended after about an hour. Metsler shook hands with the delegates and vowed to do well, then moved to stand in front of General Pascal.

“General, A moment of your time. I’d like to talk.”

The words were polite, but the intimidating gaze of his eyes, containing neither presence nor absence, was absolutely a command. General Pascal silently remained in the chamber until he shared it only with Metsler. The Governer-General went straight to the point.

“The behavior of your Queen Irya is quite alarming. Don’t you agree, General Pascal?”

“She became Queen at quite a young age, so I’m sure some of her thoughts lack maturity. But she is a pure person with an unclouded heart.”

“Purity is good, but I can’t help thinking she intends to defy the Interstellar Union.”

Such a move would have been life-threatening for both Queen Irya and her people. Familiar with Metsler’s suspicions, General Pascal chose his words with care.

“I will share your excellency’s words with her majesty. But beyond that, my mind is currently on the Earth fleet, which has shown the capability to break through your fleet’s line of defense. Above all, the boldness of the escort fleet’s flagship was enough to impress General Gorui of the Etos fleet, who took part in the attack…”

“Indeed, General Pascal. You listen well.” Again, Metsler flaunted his fearless, threatening smile. “That battleship showed the ability to easily destroy vessels that are the pride of our Interstellar Union. How powerful are its main and secondary guns? What is the range of their missiles? What is the armament and operational range of their aircraft? I must admit, their ability goes beyond what we expected.”

“Indeed. I’ve heard about this ship’s amazing performance.”

“Hehehe. There are measures to be taken. The capability of their main weapons, the internal structure of that battleship, the fighters it carries…we’ll soon know their secrets.”


“I cannot say yet. You’ll just have to look forward to the finish.”

A gloomy expression crossed Pascal’s face. Like a predator, Metsler spotted the vulnerability.

“No, you needn’t worry. Amal and its rich resources are important to the SUS. As long as you take no hostile action toward us, we will treat you with kindness. But, of course, there are conditions.”

Pascal let out a small sigh when he finally succeeded in turning away from Metsler’s frigid eyes.

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