New Yamato Proposal Plan

Plan Intention

It was autumn thirty years ago when Yoshinobu Nishizaki, the creator of Space Battleship Yamato, made Yamato appear on TV for the first time. Audience ratings were sluggish in the beginning, but after a stretch of reruns, a feature film was released and sequels followed one by one, as you know. It was loved by the many fans known as the “Yamato generation” and Yamato had a great influence on other anime works until the curtain fell on its history with The Final Chapter in 1983.

However, Yamato‘s popularity has not declined even now, twenty years after The Final Chapter. Many fansites have been born on the internet and opinions are exchanged daily on bulletin boards. Voices waiting for a new work are growing day by day.

While inheriting the theme of the series in a new scenario, characters, front-line anime and music staff and the latest images; to bring the best in entertainment and sound technology to all the fans of the previous series, as well as those seeing it for the first time; we want to make a work everyone can enjoy.

Production Concept

1. New Yamato and Old Yamato

21 years have already passed since The Final Chapter of Space Battleship Yamato. Yamato fans of those days are now in their thirties and forties. The plan is to let Yamato appear once again. However, what kind of Yamato should be made?

As an extension of the former big hit, it is a very difficult question!

The fans have grown older, have experienced life, and fight everyday battles. It is not the time when all hope can be entrusted to Yamato. Even if we see a new Yamato like in the old days, there is a new audience before us. What sort of work can be aimed at these people? That is the problem.

Therefore, we decided first of all to make a new Yamato along with “new space soldier boys.” But there is something inherited from the old Yamato: its engine system. The old Yamato was built with Earth technology, but the engine system blueprints were a gift from Planet Iscandar, and is made of “rare metal.” With this, the Wave-Motion Engine made possible both the warp and the mighty Wave-Motion Gun. The new Yamato is exactly the same as the old Yamato, but has been remodeled due to the development of science, information, and weapons. However, the silhouette of the ship is very similar. The 15 to 16 year-old “new space soldier boys” get on board this warship.

Of course, the old Yamato also appears. Susumu Kodai tenaciously salvages it from the water of Aquarius, and the scattered pieces are restored. It doesn’t play much of a role in the beginning, but shows its former brightness before long. In this Yamato series, the two Yamatos both old and new play an active part together. Kodai and the “new space soldier boys” join up.

2. Invisible Enemies to Visible Enemies

This enemy…? Is it…?

The Oort Cloud area of the solar system. The planet Dorau Mimil suddenly appears there.

Dorau is fully equipped with a city, a factory, a fortress, and an infrastructure, and holds something called the Ministry of Earth Control. The Dorau homeland is made up of an invisible substance that we call “black matter,” which usually escapes notice even close up. But, just as in our visible world, there are stars, planets, and aliens. Morever, its scientific capability is superior to that of Earth, and is mostly still unknown. They have not interfered with the people of Earth who live in the inner solar system. But, knowing that they are moving out into space, and that additionally they are warping far out into it, they commence an attack. Humanity must live quietly on Earth, and its advance into space will not be allowed.

In the sky high over Earth, the planet is surrounded by a massive base unit called “Ru Sak Gar,” which contains 300 to 500,000 advance troops in the Earth invasion party to carry out an attack to abduct and kill personnel.

Humans are not used to fighting invisible enemies. This is because of the natural fear of things we cannot see.

Though it is hard to find the courage to fight that fear, the crew of Yamato has the courage to fight against fear and the heart to search for peace, and by expressing that in this work, we will express the power of every human being.

3. Courage in Battle!?

This work is about the two Yamatos old and new, fighting invisible enemies. The enemy appears with the scientific might to overwhelm the Earth and kill the entire human race. The choice of the Earth people is to fight against this. Those who fight have various reasons. For family, for love, for peace, or for their nation, the seeds upon which everyone stakes their life are “love of people,” “love of family,” and “love of another.” These are the reasons to fight. Strength is gained from such things as the courage to fight, the courage of faith, and the courage of convictions.

Although there is also the hope for peace, this work is built carefully upon those thoughts. Our entire life is a battle. But how much should we fight what we usually call “fate”? (Do we just do our best?) It may vary by degrees. If there is a time to fight, is there also a first time for you to rest from it?

Perhaps it’s the relationship of these opposing ideas, showing mercy and caring for the weak, that forms the base principle of “to live” that lies at the root of battle, and how much one should fight, that makes people stronger in how they are determined to live their lives.

An all-out war is depicted in order to show that theme.

Production Specifications

• Genre: SF action adventure
• Format: full color animation
• Target audience: Young, from junior high school students to the previous fans
• Length: 26 episodes + feature film

Staff Overview

Concept proposal: Yoshinobu Nishizaki
General director: Eiichi Yamamoto
Consultant: Toshio Masuda
Script: Hiroshi Onogi
Design cooperation: Nobuhiro Okaseko, Takahiro Yamada

Series Composition Proposal

The time is 20 years since The Final Chapter.

Planet Dorau Mimil suddenly appears from nothingness in the Oort Cloud area. It is of the “Balbard Empire,” from an invisible solar system in a homeland made up of a kind of black matter. The empire’s operation to invade Earth takes shape. The planet’s Ministry of Earth Control covers the Earth like a dragon with their forward base, “Ru Sak Gar,” aiming for the death of humanity and the destruction of Earth.

At this time, Earth people have used the development of warp travel to actively advance and form the Jupiter Economic Bloc. The empire feels that “humans must return to Earth” and has come to do this by force.

Therefore, it vows to attack until Earth is reduced to a primitive stage where they cannot extend their hand to other planets. It has top scientific power. Humans, with not much understood about this empire, fight back with two Yamatos.

One is the old warship which Susumu Kodai salvages with personal tenacity, rebuilding it from shattered pieces. The other is being built in one corner of the moon base, used for training in the Space Boy Training School: the New Yamato.

The two Yamatos fly at once to the Oort Cloud area, but the destruction of Ru Sak Gar is necessary to free the Earth. Therefore, it becomes a voyage from the Oort Cloud to Earth. Combat with the enemy in the meantime serves as the basis of the series.

The enemy commander is the Secretary of the Ministry of Earth, Baharuk Gau. Under him are Deputy Secretary Zanza Gala, Captain Daudaroa Bastok. Those on the scene are Scorching Guraaga, Three-Minute Zaara, and pilot Laruu.

On the Yamato side, Susumu Kodai goes from being a private carrier captain to captain of Yamato, his wife Yuki, and Officer Sanada of the Earth Defense Forces (to be determined) are the only three that appear from the old series. The young stars who follow the elder star Kodai are Goh Kamishiro and Misaki. Kamishiro is a 16-year old combat team leader, and Misaki is a 17-year old patrol officer in air traffic control. Although love blooms between these two, there is an ironclad rule forbidding romance between the crew of Yamato, so their love experiences ups and downs.

Goh Kamishiro has a 20-year old brother name Sei who, despite being a member of the Earth Defense Forces, goes over to the enemy at the outbreak of the war and joins the Balbard Empire side as a traitor. Therefore, Kamishiro suffers greatly. However, Sei’s true intentions are revealed after the last decisive battle, and their brotherly relationship is restored. Ru Sak Gar is smashed by the two Yamatos, and the series finishes when matters are settled with Dorau Mimil.

However, the determination of the Balbard Empire is not at an end. Their second step is to conjur up a black hole and shoot it at Earth. The fight against this becomes a movie. If both come to pass, New Yamato will be the main subject on TV and the film version will focus on old Yamato.

Story Plot

Episode 1

The desolate sea of Aquarius. A winch lowers a small submarine from a rusted red transport ship.

Aboard it is one man. A man wrapped in a frayed captain’s hat and coat. With deep wrinkles carved into his face, it is Kodai.

We dive into the deep sea of Aquarius. Before long, there is a reaction on the survey meter. A broken main gun battery is illuminated in the feeble light.

Kodai: Yamato

It is the figure of Yamato, sunk in battle.

Goh Kamashiro practices zen meditation in the morning sun on a wide veranda. His brother Sei lifts weights inside.

Sei: We’ll be late if we don’t go soon.

Goh rushes back into the room.

Goh: See you later!

Sei: Hey! Don’t forget to light some incense.

Goh: Oh, right.

They fold their hands in prayer at the altar of their parents.

Goh: Okay, I’m off. I’ll be going to the laboratory later.

Sei: I may not go today.

Goh: What?

Sei: No…

Goh returns to the veranda, feeling that he caught something in the words of his older brother.

Sei: Every day you say that, but you’re the one still in the foyer.

Goh: Every day you say that, but I’m the one who goes first.

As he says this, he leaps over the veranda’s fence. A pretty girl named Misaki is walking down the street. Goh lands in front of her.

Goh: Sorry to disturb you. See ya!

He runs off. Misaki dismisses it. Goh waits for his best friend Masato Mochizuki at a bus stop. Masato passes by the pretty girl Misaki.

Attack satellite Dorau Mimil of the Balbard Empire appears in the Oort Cloud. Secretary Baharuk Gau of the Ministry of Earth Control tilts his glass as he watches the Earth.

Baharuk: That planet isn’t worth one drop of this liquor. Begin the Scorched Earth Operation!

Gaara: Aren’t we using the Death Chain?

Baharuk: Gaara-kun. Extermination is easy. And the simple ways are always the best policy.

Yamato rises slowly with balloons of glass micro-spheres attached to its hull. Kodai and Sanada watch over it.

Sanada: Our Yamato

Overhead, several wakes stretch like tendrils of breath toward the Earth.


Sensing something unusual, Sanada returns to the moon.

Sanada: Hope lies on the moon.

The Balbard Empire begins its attack on Earth. Countless vessels appear and overwhelm the Earth at once.

During a flight exercise, Goh and Mochizuki fend off attacking aircraft and manage to get back down to the ground. (Showing the contrast of the reckless Goh and the calm-and-collected Mochizuki.)

Goh heads for his brother’s military lab.

Mochizuki returns home. His mother is trying to flee.

Mochizuki: Mother!

Mother: Masato!

At that moment, their house is destroyed by a beam from the sky. Masato cries bitterly.

When Goh reaches the military research institute, he finds it surrounded by aliens. As Goh waits for a chance to slip inside, Sei comes walking slowly out between rows of aliens.

Goh: Brother Sei!

A Balbard Empire officer notices Goh and moves to shoot him. Goh spots Sei over the heads of the officers and rushes toward him, but is knocked down in front of him, beaten and kicked.

Goh: Brother Sei…why is such a thing…brother…

Sei: Brother, parents, I no longer need such words. From this time forward.

A family photo falls from Goh’s pocket and Sei stomps on it.

Goh: !

Sei commands the Balbard Empire troops to take Goh prisoner.

Ru Sak Gar is built to wrap around the Earth. Kodai and Yuki are separated by communications. Goh is jammed into a prisoner-of-war ship with Masato and others. He meets Misaki and the future crew of Yamato.

Sei is welcomed into the Balbard Empire. Baharuk appears on the monitor.

Baharuk: Sei. Your information was accurate.

Sei:: Thank you very much, your highness.

Baharuk: We intend to adopt your proposed plan. All Earth ships will be buried in the first step.

Sei: Yamato, as well?

Baharuk: Of course. All Earth vessels.

At the sea of Aquarius, Yamato is half-risen. Several Balbard Empire warships are approaching. There is no resistance. The wreckage of Yamato is pulled up by a tractor beam.

New Yamato is underground on the far side of the moon. Sanada tries to start it, but its trial voyage is not finished yet, and starting the engines takes time. Warships close in, but fly past without noticing them.

Kodai takes a warship and tries to get back to Yamato, but his he fights in vain and Yamato is carried off to who knows where.

As prisoners, Goh and Mochizuki are put on a transport ship (bound for Dorau Mimil). Goh notices Misaki among them. But he has no time for that now. What happened to his kind older brother? And what will happen to Earth? Misaki punches Goh.

Misaki: This is not the time to get lost in emotion.

Goh tries to hit back, but is easily knocked down by Misaki. He is surprised by how different she is from her pretty first impression.

Goh, Mochizuki, and Misaki look for a chance to escape from the soldiers, but they can’t get off the ship. Just as they are cornered by troops, an impact shakes the entire ship. It is Kodai attacking in his warship. As a result, Goh and other youths are rescued; Kodai did not know they were on board.

Young men: We have to fight back against them! No, we should get away!

Their voices cry out, but Kodai silences them with a single gunshot.

Kodai: I have to go. It’s none of my concern what kind of danger you fall into.

And then Kodai shifts them to a warp to the Balbard Empire, toward Yamato.

One light year away from Earth. A star moves, sandwiched by a huge system above and below it. It is the experimental supernova bomb Galdora. Almost all the ships of Earth have been placed around it, treated as experimental ships to study the effects of the bomb.

Kodai reaches Yamato. He hands over the transport ship to Goh and marches onto Yamato alone. He picks up Okita’s captain’s hat on the bridge deck. (There is no body of Okita.)

Galdora activates, and a flash lights up space.

There are 26 episodes in the story plot that serve as the proposed structure of the series. The rest of the story plot not shown here is included in a separate document.

Some parts are slightly different from the proposed structure that was described above. If you can read it, we’ll greatly appreciate it.

Characters (Earth side)

Goh Kamashiro (16 years old)

The hero of the story. Enthusiastic and wants to save Earth. Yamato combat group leader, in charge of main guns.

His older brother betrayed the Earth, which deeply wounded him. But he almost never shows this on the surface. Although he can’t believe his brother’s betrayal, his brother soon appears before him as a soldier of the Balbard Empire.

He clashes with Misaki, but gradually falls in love with her. However, she also betrays him and runs to the cause of the enemy. Despite this double betrayal, he continues to fight strongly.

Misaki D. Helza (17 years old)

Excels in both physical fitness and technology. She the type of heroine that fights together rather than needing protection. She is a patrol officer in charge of traffic control.

She is secretly a spy for the Balbard Empire. She does not perform sabotage or subversive activity. Intelligence is her main work, and she does not interfere with Yamato‘s voyage. However, she gradually develops tenderness toward Earth people. Goh’s tenderness touches her, and she is torn between her affinity for Earth people and her role as a spy.

The moment Laruu becomes a prisoner and is nearly shot dead trying to escape, she helps in spite of herself and returns to the Balbard Empire with him.

If she has the ability to change, she changes herself to help Goh.

– The crew of Yamato is basically Japanese. Thus, the heroine has the style of a foreigner.

Masato Mochizuki (16 years old)

A calm, collected type, the opposite of Goh. Although he wants to save Earth, he doesn’t want to rush in blindly. He wants to act carefully because the Yamato fleet is all they have.

Although he falls in love with Misaki at first sight, he’s not the type to talk about it. He expresses it only when he thinks Goh has hurt Misaki. He is more hurt by her betrayal than anyone else, and turns that hatred against the Balbard Empire.

Mira Shingyoji (22 years old)

Earth Alliance officer. As a member of an original military family, there was no question that she would join the army. She greatly admires Susumu Kodai for once saving the Earth. Her sense of admiration is so strong, she mistakes it for love.

She is also a no-nonsense officer who occasionally clashes with Kodai on board the ship.

Susumu Kodai

Kodai has reached middle age. He speaks with heavy words based on his years of experience. He takes on Okita’s old role.

Yuki Kodai

A symbolic presence for the Earth resistance. Her presence is encouraging to wounded soldiers of the resistance.

Miyu Kodai

The daughter of Kodai and Yuki.


Kodai and Yukiの娘

More detailed character descriptions can be found in the documents attached to this proposal.

Characters (Balbard Empire side)

Sei Kamashiro (20 years old)

Goh’s elder brother. He betrays Earth and feeds a lot of information to the Balbard Empire side. He is attached to the Balbard side as a traitor. He came into contact with the Balbard Empire through an experiment with hyperspace communication. As a result, he came to know the power of their transcendent technology and radical thought, and reached a forgone conclusion that Earth would be annihilated. Therefore, to give value to the people of Earth, he proposed that the Balbard Empire could be genetically complemented, which saved the human race.

It also comes out that he placed Yamato away from Earth on purpose because he thought that if there was no way to prevent extinction, one remaining ship could still bring hope. He purposefully withheld information about New Yamato from the empire side. Although he fights the Yamato fleet on behalf of the Balbard Empire, he believes there is no hope for Earth if the Yamato fleet cannot beat Balbard by itself.

He goes on his final mission as the captain of the Balbard Empire’s own Yamato and faces off against New Yamato, but does not die.

Baharuk Gau

Minister of Earth Control, in the experimental group. He schemes to modify the genetics of Earth people. But he is ruthless by nature, and could order their extermination at any time.

Zanza Gaara

Deputy Minister of Earth Control, in the extermination group. Does not think the people of Earth are worth one sentence. He is critical of Baharuk when his methods become soft.

Additional character descriptions have been written for this proposal. They can be found in the attached documents.

The End

Special thanks to Neil Nadelman for translation support.

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