The Anime #38, January 1982 issue

TEXT 1: New characters and mecha have attracted attention to Yamato The Final Chapter, a big 70mm movie. The world depicted there will become more mysterious than ever! Let’s gather the evidence!!

TEXT 2: The new characters for the last production have been finalized, and the color schemes for the mecha have been completed. What actually appears on screen — this is featured in color research.

Bottom headline:

Final Yamato character and mecha color decision news flash!


The colors decided upon for the mecha become even more real!

Color has been attached to mecha which previously was only a design. These are the decision drafts. In addition, some unpublished mecha is shown here. Let’s study the color and design.

① and ② are the chartered escape ships from Earth. It is built for the approach of Aquarius. It is colored blue-grey and crowded with detail to give it a huge feeling.

③ The Dengil aircraft carrier design has been announced. The grey and red are similar to a special German form.

④ and ⑧ are new mecha of Earth. ④ in particular is a newly-announced design. The color of ④ is the conventional mood for an Earth ship, but ⑧ is a novel design of white and light grey. It is likely to stand out well against black space. It will also stand out against Yamato.

The container ship ⑦ has a unique color. The red iron color gives it the image of practical use. It is a color scheme that would be applicable to a freighter ship.

On the whole, the Earth mecha seems to be following the basics since Part 1. In a work that has been loved for the length of ten years, it expresses friend and foe wonderfully through color design. The Dengil side is green and grey, emphasizing its strangeness. It seems to hide immense power.


The work called Yamato has had distinct colors from the beginning

When Yamato part 1 first aired in 1974, anime fans were surprised by the color of Yamato‘s hull. Mainstream mecha had been red white and blue, but Yamato was exactly the color of steel. The story of how Yamato‘s colors were reconsidered several times has already become famous.

Color is heavily involved in the structure of Yamato. In Farewell, the color of the city empire is bright, tinged with green inside. Be Forever Yamato showed a dazzling vortex of light and huge, dark mecha. On each occasion, the colors are impressive.

For The Final Chapter, we have already seen the eerie beauty of the color from “the accident that occurs in space.” And after the color mecha on the previous page, the characters are shown here. There is no basic change to the feel of the lines for Yamato‘s crew, and they seem slightly younger, similar to their image in Farewell. Jiro Shima’s T-shirt has the same design previously seen in Yamato fancy goods. It feels familiar somehow. Also, Jiro fans should pay attention to the next part, because there is a considerable turn this time!

The colors of the Dengil side have been decided, too. On the whole, their calm colors make them seem all the more enigmatic.

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