Yamato 2199 Report 35, part 2

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August 15: YRA Radio Yamato announcement

Radio Yamato brought a whole new dimension to the world of Yamato when it accompanied the theatrical run of the 2199 from spring 2012 to summer 2013. Internet radio station Onsen ran it for 26 episodes and released three compilation CDs. With the approach of Ark of the Stars, YRA returned to Onsen September 1 for new monthly episodes with hosts Aya Uchida (Yuria Misaki) and Cho (Analyzer) being joined by Eriko Nakamura (Mikage Kiryu). Since Kiryu’s role in the anime is to analyze and translate alien languages, she will be the one reading and responding to listener mail.

Visit Onsen’s YRA home page here.

August 15-16: Comiket 86

Fans from every level of Japan’s pop culture strata brave the summer heat and the winter chill to visit Comic Market [Comiket] twice a year to find treasures they may never see again. Predictably, the volume of Yamato doujinshi [fanzines] was down from the massive outpouring seen in 2013, but this summer’s batch fit right in.

The purveyors of the Yamato Lecture series (discussed in prior reports) brought out two sets of mini-encyclopedias that recorded their findings at live events.

Adult ‘zines were in abundance as usual, along with a new installment of P.S. Story, a series of fanfic novellas that explore obscure corners of the Yamato universe.

Galaxy Navy is another ongoing series (over 30 so far) with new volumes every Comiket. This large-format illustrated doujinshi picks a different ship class for every issue and plays it out for all it’s worth. The cover art collection (above left) is a new edition of color works.

Of course, the true highlight for serious 2199 fans was the pre-release edition of Nobuteru Yuuki’s art books, which came with the bonus booklet described earlier in this report. It is a 12-page “Color Collection” containing selected layouts from episdoes 7 and 20. The color distinction is this: animation layouts are typically drawn with color pencils to delineate levels of shading – as exemplified by the book covers. That information is lost in the large black & white volumes, but retained in this special color booklet.

Twitter users put photos online right away to torture everyone else with a look at just how hefty these books are.

August 21: Mecha Collection models 6 and 7

It was a long break, but Bandai’s first Gatlantis model kits in 35 years (look it up) finally rolled out of the factory. Trivia buffs may be interested to know about a historical parallel; the corresponding ships in the original Mecha Collection were also released together in February ’79.

The original names were White Comet Empire Destroyer (#9) and Goland Missile Ship (#10), but in their new 2199 form, they have been rechristened Gatlantis Warships Lasceaux (#6) and Kukulkan (#7).

Lasceaux (left) compared with the original Goland kit (right). See a photo gallery of Lasceaux here.

Kukulkan (left) compared with the original Destroyer kit (right). See a photo gallery of Kukulkan here.

August 23-24: Chara Hobby 2014 Summer

Chara Hobby is typically the last big summer hobby show, and Yamato 2199 had its own booth this time to promote the upcoming films and sell advance tickets. For 2000 yen (about $20), you could get a ticket to Ark of the Stars and a special commemorative “cosmo clear” Yamato mini-model in a custom box (left).

Other exhibitors had their own surprises. Bandai revealed a new edition of the 1/1000 model called the “Cosmo Reverse version” with a WMG cap and new support vessels. Dengeki Hobby showed off a new big-scale garage kit of the UX-01 Dimensional Submarine by Soy-ya!!, one of the companies that builds display models for Dengeki Hobby magazine.

See a photo gallery from Chara Hobby here.

See more photos of the Yamato 2199 booth here.

August 25: October hobby magazines

After the absolute orgy last month over the 1/1000 Domelaze kit, the magazines calmed down considerably with far fewer pages: just three in Hobby Japan and five in Dengeki Hobby (Model Graphix took the month off completely). Nevertheless, there was still cool stuff to promote, including a completely new Yamato Girl figure.

See the pages here.

August 26: Manga chapter 29

The Nico Nico Ace and Comic Walker websites both published this 20-page chapter by Michio Murakawa. It takes place during the course of Episode 12, but consists almost entirely of original character moments with chess pieces moving around the board to set up coming conflicts.

See the pages here.

August 28: Song Collection CD

Lantis, LACA-15443

It’s been almost a year since we’ve had a new Yamato disc, and though this one is entirely reprint, it’s the first time all the songs have been collected in one place. The continuing motivation for this release was the ongoing TV reruns in Japan, which put some of the songs to different use. An examination of the track list tells the story.

1. Space Battleship Yamato theme (Isao Sasaki)
    heard on the video releases
2. May the Light of the Stars Shine Forever (Aira Yuhki)
    end title from Chapter 1
3. You Who Know the Beautiful Earth (Aki Misato)
    end title from Chapter 2
4. The Scarlet Scarf (Isao Sasaki)
    end title from Chapter 3
5. Light of Memories (Kokia)
    end title from Chapter 4
6. Steady as She Goes Across the Sea of Stars (Hironobu Kageyama)    end title from Chapter 5
7. Rest in Peace (JAM Project)    end title from Chapter 6
8. Star of Love (Nana Mizuki)     end title from Chapter 7

First-run (2013) TV broadcast songs
9. Space Battleship Yamato theme (Project Yamato 2199)
    TV-size, 1st opening title
10. Fight For Liberty (Uverworld) TV-size, 2nd opening title
11. Love Words (Mika Nakashima) TV-size, 1st end title
12. Best of My Love (Rai Yasuda) TV-size, 2nd end title
13. Distance (Juju) TV-size, 3rd end title

Tokyo MX/BS11 rerun end title songs
14. You Who Know the Beautiful Earth (Aki Misato) TV-size
15. The Scarlet Scarf (Isao Sasaki) TV-size
16. May the Light of the Stars Shine Forever
    (Aira Yuhki) TV-size
17. Light of Memories (Kokia) TV-size
18. Steady as She Goes Across the Sea of Stars
    (Hironobu Kageyama) TV-size
19. Rest in Peace (JAM Project) TV-size

What this reveals is that reruns dispensed with the original TV end credit songs, opting instead to reuse the TV-size ending songs from the home video releases. It’s also possible (though unconfirmed) that the controversial Fight for Liberty may not have been used for the reruns. If true, that leaves four songs in the background of Yamato history, since the first-run TV broadcasts are not commercially available on video.

For more music data and lyrics for the entire song catalog, visit the 2199 discography here.

The other significant thing about this disc is the 16-page CD booklet, which contains some of the elusive Kia Asamiya end title illustrations. Until they get collected in an actual art book, this is the only way to see them outside Japan.

See the booklet from front to back here.

August 28: Yamato 2199 Modeling Guide, Return Edition

Kadokawa Publishing and Ascii Media closed the deal with this second Modeling Guide devoted to 2199. Identical in size and format to the Launch Edition (published Sept 2013), it regroups material published in Dengeki Hobby magazine and sprinkles in a few new items. This time, the new item is a scratch-built 1/1000 Deusular II, which was pictured in this month’s Dengeki.

The 144-page interior includes two new illustrations by Michio Murakawa and is broken up into the following sections:
How to Build Yamato 2199 – modeling tips for several major vessels
Fleet Battles: Okita vs Domel – photo features on models from the Rainbow Star Cluster battle
The Forever War – photo features on models from the climax of the series
Detail-up and Scratch Building – enhanced models and custom builds
Mecha Collection – photo feature of the mini-kits
Blueprint section – ten pages of blueprints covering the Garmillas fleet and Analyzer

See more on the Dengeki website here.

August 28: Star Blazers 2199, Volume 4

The next volume of the English-subtitled edition covers episodes 13-16 and comes with three character postcards

Unfortunately, this volume also came with some troubling news. Rather than opening pre-orders for the next volume, Voyager Entertainment suspended service to its online store and announced that volumes 5 and 6 would be postponed. As of this writing, we’re still awaiting further info.

August 29: Voyage of Recollection announcements

On the other side of the ocean, home video news was considerably more uplifting. It was announced that the Blu-ray disc for Voyage of Recollection will follow the same pattern as the 2199 discs. A limited theater edition will be offered to moviegoers when the film opens October 11 and be sold in theaters while supplies last. It will even come with a storyboard book sporting new cover art by Nobuteru Yuuki (shown at right).

What’s more, it was announced that same day that the film will include some new footage in the Rainbow Star Cluster battle, and a mini-gallery of five shots appeared on the website. See the original post here.

Many more stills were made public on September 12. See them all here.

One more piece of news regarding Voyage of Recollection‘s theatrical dates in the US came up as this report was being written: as of now, online ticket sales for the premiere week of screenings at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles – like Voyager Entertainment’s online store – have been suspended. It is unknown at this time whether those two developments are related.

August 29: Yamato 2199 X Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra news

It was a busy first month for the Yamato 2199-affiliated Osaka Orchestra, with concerts on the 8th (Osaka Castle Concert Hall), the 16th (Rihga Royal Hotel, Osaka), the 22nd and 29th (both at Osaka Castle Concert Hall).

Above left is a shot of the August 29th concert conducted by Akira Miyagawa. It’s hard to see it in the photo, but the orchestra is wearing custom Yamato T-shirts. At right, Akira Miyagawa conducts Yamato music with a separate group of Osaka musicians in Fukuyama on August 30.

The performance on the 16th was part of the Yamato 2199 World event, and the occasion was marked by the rollout of new tie-in products specific to the orchestra. They are now available at the orchestra’s online “Shop Shion.” They consist of three different clear files (all shown above)…

T-shirts (as worn on stage) and a tote bag with the orchestra logo…

…and finally two sets of buttons (3″ across), one for the Yamato side and one for Garmillas.

The orchestra’s next performances are scheduled for October. An October 28 concert will feature Akira Miyagawa conducting music from Yamato. Get a better look at this flyer here. (Click the images for enlargements.)

August 31: Ship’s Log vol. 8

This 36-page issue of the Yamato Crew Premium Fan Club magazine was a feast from cover to cover. For one thing, it was the first place to break the story of the now-greenlit live-action U.S. Yamato movie, a full week before all other sources. Event news was followed by the latest on the two 2199 films, including the first model sheets from Ark of the Stars. There was an interview with voice actor Koichi Yamadera (Kodai in Resurrection, Dessler in 2199), a look back at vintage Yamato novelizations, the continuing biography of Yoshinobu Nishizaki, a Sankei travelogue, and more.

But most exciting was the stunning announcement (above right) of a miraculous new Yamato 2199 book set. Read the details and see other Ship’s Log content here.

Also spotted in August

Custom 1/500 Yamato model
A virtuoso modeler with the online handle “Kingyassu” offered his masterful version of this kit in the Yahoo Japan auctions, complete with all the extra parts. See a gallery of photos here.

A custom set of three paint colors for the Domelaze III model, part of the Mr. Color line from Gunze Sangyo.

Twitter users in Japan captured two more of the elusive end-credit illustrations by Kia Asamiya from TV reruns on Tokyo MX. It may still be a while before we catch ’em all, but the Art Exhibition that opened September 10 in Osaka got us closer by adding this postcard set to the merch lineup. (Click it to enlarge.)

Above left: The Yamato 2199 Photo-puchi app in action, posted by Twitter user “Idel Monk.”
Above right: An advance ticket to the current phase of the 2199 Art Exhibition in Osaka (September 9-21), posted by Twitter user “Ikicyann.”

Above left: Petite Yamato Girls figure set on display at Yamashiroya toy store (to be released October from Megahouse). The longer you stare, the cuter they get.
Above right: Original art by Michio Murakawa, a download available to buyers of the Amanohashidate boat tour premium ticket set seen in Report 34. Grab your own copy here.

Above left: Mucha-esque fan art of Shinohara, posted by Twitter user “H Natano.” Get a better look at it here.
Above right: Last but far from least, a Twitter user named “Haru” has been busy building his own CG Yamato inside and out with stunning results. See the images (and his pet turtle) on his Twitter feed here.

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