3 thoughts on “The Bolar Wars Extended Chapter 11, part 1

  1. Weaponized Third Bridge? Nice touch. Thanks for continuing to do these Tim Eldred, I look forward to them whenever they come out.

  2. Really digging that EDF Taskforce created for Extended here.
    Unlike the prior 2 series Bolar series 3 left us with no earth defense fleet — just singular concept ships for emergency planetary evac — some worse than others none as cool as Arizona. But here in this webcomic the creative crew managed to take a rather silly design ( the upright launch Russian Rocketship Norvic ) and manage to churn it thru an assembly line into a pretty cool looking proxy
    series 3 EDF fleet ! It looks to me like the proportions were tweaked a bit — hull slimmed down and the nosecone gained a wavegun — but it looks great and continues some of the fresh creativity done here.

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