1/350 Hachette Yamato, Volume 001

Package for the “Diecast Gimmick Model” Volume 001, June 2018

Box front

Bonus item ordering info, cover of bound-in magazine

Magazine foldout

End of bound-in magazine

Volume 001 model parts

Startup DVD (stills follow from here)

Main engine and sub engines light up with sound effects

Gun turrets rotate and aim electronically with sound effects

Wave-Motion Gun lights up with sound effects

Internal lighting

External lighting

Superstructure details

Rocket anchor chains

Removable wings

Cutaway panel exposes engine

Rear hatch opens

1/350 Cosmo Tigers

Model parts 001

Model parts 002 (assembled)

Model parts 003

Model parts 004 (assembled)

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8 thoughts on “1/350 Hachette Yamato, Volume 001

  1. Well I think this is one of the best Yamato builds yet. I do I go about getting a subscription started I would love to have this model ship.

  2. Do you know how many issues are in the complete series? I see some of these sold online but I don’t know how many are in the complete set and I don’t want to buy incomplete sets given that they are hard enough to get as it is in the USA.

    • It was announced early on that there will be 110 volumes. No contradictory information has appeared yet. As of July 2020, they’re in the upper 70s.

    • At this point, it is very hard to get. It was sold in weekly volumes, and you would have to find all of them to complete the model. As of today, there are 7 more to come out. The early ones are out of production.

      • That and retailers who ship outside of Japan often either sell out after a few days of some partworks or simply stop selling certain issues after a week. Which means those who may want to wait until a few are out to save on postage costs are out of luck. I tried this with the Macross collection from Hachette but CDJapan sold out of the third issue within a week, leaving me stuck with the first two lol.

        So I think those who want to collect Japan collections have to be aware that the costs of buying weekly(inc postage) really does add up. Especially over 100+ issues.

  3. Wow a kit like this sure makes the very old (2007?) Bandai 1/350 model (currently at $700 on ebay) seem like a bargain now, huh?

    At this point I would just get one of those on ebay. All the parts come in one box. Yeah it’s plastic and not metal, but this is as close as you’re going to get. Plus the plastic one has cool flip out wings and the smoke stack doors open to reveal missiles that this pricey metal one doesnt.

    Can you imagine what completed Hachette models will sell for as people start to complete them in Japan? Probably starting at $3k or more.

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