1/350 Hachette Yamato, Volume 001

Package for the “Diecast Gimmick Model” Volume 001, June 2018

Box front

Bonus item ordering info, cover of bound-in magazine

Magazine foldout

End of bound-in magazine

Volume 001 model parts

Startup DVD (stills follow from here)

Main engine and sub engines light up with sound effects

Gun turrets rotate and aim electronically with sound effects

Wave-Motion Gun lights up with sound effects

Internal lighting

External lighting

Superstructure details

Rocket anchor chains

Removable wings

Cutaway panel exposes engine

Rear hatch opens

1/350 Cosmo Tigers

Model parts 001

Model parts 002 (assembled)

Model parts 003

Model parts 004 (assembled)

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2 thoughts on “1/350 Hachette Yamato, Volume 001

  1. Well I think this is one of the best Yamato builds yet. I do I go about getting a subscription started I would love to have this model ship.

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