English Books and Magazines


TB95 Comic Con International
2003 souvenir book

TB96 Comic Con International
2007 souvenir book

TB11 Comic Con International
2008 souvenir book

TB10 Comic Con International
2009 souvenir book

TB09 Comic Con International
2010 souvenir book

TB47 Comic Con International
2011 souvenir book

TB50 Don’t Panic by Neil Gaiman

TB08 Hitchhiker’s Guide: And Another Thing promotional preview

TB39 The Original Hitchhiker Radio Scripts, Douglas Adams

TB28 Asterix and the Great Crossing graphic novel

TB97 The Phantom
classic comic strip collections

TB30 Spectrum fantasy illustrations
volume 1

TB31 Chicken Run: Hatching the movie

TB32 Creating 3D Animation:
the Aardman book of filmmaking

TB34 Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded

TB40 Simpsons Complete Guide,
1st edition

TB76 Blade Runner sequel novels (set)

English-language magazines

TM27 Otaku USA magazine,
2007 issues

TM28 Otaku USA magazine,
2008 issues

TM29 Otaku USA magazine,
2009 issues

TM30 Otaku USA magazine,
2010 issues

TM31 Otaku USA magazine,
2011 issues

TM32 Otaku USA magazine,
2012 issues

TM54 King Kong movie magazine

TM14 MAD magazine specials, set of 4

Star Wars books

TB86 Star Wars vintage paperbacks set

TB87 Star Wars Encyclopedia
(Japanese paperback)

TB93 Star Wars Ep 1 Japanese book

TM95 Star Wars Ep 1 visual dictionary

TB94 Star Wars Ep 2
making of trade paperback

TB92 Star Wars Ep 2
Illustrated Companion trade paperback

TB89 Star Wars Ep 3
making of trade paperback

Star Wars magazines

TM33 Star Wars vintage
Science & Fantasy Film Classics

TM34 Star Wars vintage
Starlog special

TM35 Star Wars vintage
Time magazines

TM36 Star Wars vintage
Future Life

TM37 Star Wars vintage
People & Us (RotJ)

TM40 Star Wars 20th anniversary
Topps magazine

TM43 Star Wars Movie Magic

TM47 Star Wars Wired

TM48 Lucasfilm Fan Club #21

TM38 Star Wars Insider 90-96

TM41 Star Wars Celebration 1
program guide

TM50 Star Wars Boba Fett special

TM53 Star Wars SciFi Universe #1

TM52 Star Wars SciFi Universe

TB81 Star Wars Ep 2
TV Guide with lenticular cover

TM42 Star Wars Ep 3 Empire magazine

TM44 Star Wars Ep 3 SFX magazine

TM45 Star Wars Ep 3
Starburst magazine

TM46 Star Wars Ep 3 SFX magazine

TM51 Star Wars prequels
Time magazine (set)

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