A Voyage to Remember theater goods

Froovie items

Garmillas mugs: Dessler, Domel, and Melda

Teacup with Captain Okita quotes

Clear files with scenes and quotes (2 types)

Lute beer mugs (2 types), medallion (2″ wide)

Reflector charms (2 types)

Magnetic golf marker, 3D crystal Yamato with built-in LEDs (about 4″ wide)

Yamato Crew items

Trading card sets (2 types)

Clear files: famous scenes and “petite” characters

“Petite” characters clear file

IC (Integrated Curcuit) card stickers, labels to personalize swipe cards

IC (Integrated Curcuit) card stickers, labels to personalize swipe cards

Microfiber towels, 8.6″ wide X 7″ high (2 types)

Mini-tote bag, Business card case

Business card holder, Postcard holder

Trading card holder, Clear file holder

Other items

Iscandar arrival pastries, Kyoto City sable cookies

Bookmarks and coasters, Anime World Star

Photos from the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater gift shop

Contributed by Gwyn Campbell

Product lineup (including Kia Asamiya clear files and postcards), Captain Okita coat by Cospa (early display)

Megahouse products

Megahouse Cosmo Fleet Special miniatures

Novelizations and manga, medallion

Art books, IC card stickers

Microfiber towels, Cosmogun pens and keychain mascots (from 2013)

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