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Space Battleship Yamato

Yamato brought the Cosmo Reverse System home from Iscandar, which restored the global environment as it was before the Garmillas invasion of the solar system. After finishing its important task, Yamato was enshrined in a submarine dock as a memorial ship, but under the Earth Federal Government’s new “Wave-Motion Gun fleet initiative” policy, it was decided to return Yamato to the battle lines.

Extensive remodeling by Sanada was pushed forward by this stressful decision, including refurbishment of the Wave-Motion Gun. The addition of a factory within the ship, strengthening of the armor, and the addition of anti-aircraft guns give it a more robust form and it awaits a new voyage.

Name: Yamato-type ship number 1, Yamato (first remodeled type)
Length :333m
Main machine: Dimensional Wave-Motion Engine x 1
Prime weapon: Dimensional Wave-Motion radiation discharger (Wave-Motion Gun)
48cm triple-barrel positron shock cannon x 3
20cm triple-barrel positron shock cannon x 2
Torpedo launching tube x 12
8-port missile launch tower x 1
Type 94 depth charge launcher x 2
Anti-aircraft pulse laser turrets, several

Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-1 Andromeda

A battleship mounted with a Wave-Motion Engine, built as the flagship of Earth Federation aerospace fleet. Its primary characteristic is the concentrated twin Wave-Motion Gun at the bow which fires Wave-Motion energy in a diffusion form that can strike a large number of targets simultaneously. Operation of the ship is reduced by promoting automation, so the crew is significantly smaller than Yamato’s. Other than the first battleship Andromeda, two sister ships were constructed: AAA-2 Aldebaran and AAA-4 Achilles.

Length :444m
Main machine: Dimensional Wave-Motion engine x 1
Auxiliary machine: Kelvin impulse engine x 4
Prime weapon: Dimensional Wave-Motion radiation discharger (Diffusion Wave-Motion Gun)
40.6 cm triple-barrel convergent compression type shock cannon x 4
Quick firing torpedo launch tube x 4
Gravity child spread launcher 4
Four barrel anti-battleship grenade launcher x 2.
Sub-space torpedo launcher x 4
Conning tower protection shock field cannon x 3
Six-barrel multi-launch lateral beam cannons for close combat x 2

Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-2 Aldebaran

Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-4 Achilles

About the Andromeda class: besides the new ship Andromeda, four sister ships were built in the Andromeda class. Ships two and four are battleships, three and five are carriers. The second is Aldebaran, the third is Apollo Norm, the fourth is Achilles and the fifth is Antares.

(See Andromeda specs)

Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-3 Apollo Norm

Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-5 Antares

Among the four new Andromeda sister ships, two were built as carrier types (the third and fifth ships). From the results of Yamato’s flight corps operations, the “Wave-Motion Gun fleet initiative” included the construction of carriers. A hangar for the launch and landing of carrier-based aircraft was added behind the bridge. (It carries a maximum of 180 Cosmo Tiger IIs or Cosmo Falcons.) Linear catapults allow the simultaneous launch of 24 craft at the right and left.

Length :484m
Main machine: Dimensional Wave-Motion engine x 1
Auxiliary machine: Kelvin impulse engine x 4
Prime weapon: Dimensional Wave-Motion radiation discharger (Diffusion Wave-Motion Gun)
40.6 cm triple-barrel convergent compression type shock cannon x 2
Aircraft: complement of space attack fighter Cosmo Tiger II’s x 180

Kongo-class space battleship Ticonderoga

Kongo-class space battleship Yuunagi

The main battleship of the reorganized Earth Federation fleet. They follow the basic design of the space battleship Kongo, mounting new engines with a Wave-Motion Core that enables warp navigation. Its main gun is a 36 cm triple-barrel positron shock cannon with substantially reinforced output. It is equipped with a new style of space torpedo. The fixed positron shock cannon in the bow has an increased caliber and firepower. The captain of second escort squadron ship number 47 Yuunagi is Susumu Kodai.

Length: 205m
Prime weapon :46cm positron shock cannon x 1
36cm triple barrel positron shock cannon x 4.
Torpedo launch tube x 8
Missile launching tube x 16

Murasame-class space cruiser Saratoga

Murasame-class space cruiser rescue ship

A new engine model was installed in the former Murasame-type cruiser, and a defensive Wave-Motion Barrier has been enabled as with other ships. They are deployed by space forces around the world, some with English names such as Saratoga and Defiant.

Length :152m
Prime weapon: 28cm positron shock cannon x 1
20cm positron shock cannon x 3.
Torpedo launch tube x 4

Isokaze-class assault space destroyer

The assault space destroyer has been upgraded with a new engine, making possible more agile operation. The main gun is equipped with two 12.7 cm multi-barrel positron shock cannon turrets, which strengthens its firepower. The new model also has space torpedoes.

Length: 80m
Primary weapon: 12.7 cm multi-barrel positron shock cannons x 2
12.7 cm anti-ship gun x 2
Torpedo tube x 3
Missile launch tube x 8

Prototype tactical combat assualt fighter Cosmo Tiger 1

One of the prototype aircraft competing as a next-generation tactical combat fighter. Its fuselage has a biplane system that expands in order to load as many varied armaments as possible. Its extreme handling characteristics made it impractical for operation as a carrier-based aircraft, so it was rejected as being too complex. However, pilot operation at the moon base was approved, and it plays an active part in rookie training as Akira Yamamoto’s favorite craft.

Length: 26.3m
Main engine: axial flow type cosmo engine x 2
Main armament: mini missile pod (24 built-in rounds) x 2
Large missile pod (6 built-in rounds) x 2
Beam cannon x 2

Type 1 space attack fighter Cosmo Tiger II

A new carrier-based attack fighter operated by the new Earth Federation fleet. Its standard high mobility equipment gives it more attack power than a Cosmo Falcon, dramatically improving its combat performance. From the beginning, variation types were considered to expand their attack specialization, including double seats and triple seats with a gun turret added behind the cockpit. Plans for electronic warfare are also in development.

Length: 16.6m
Main engine: composite radial flow type cosmo engine x 2
Primary weapon: 30mm pulse laser gun x 8
12.7mm machine gun x 10

Medalusa-class Heavy Annihilation Battleship

This heavy Gatlantis battleship wields a “Flame Strike Gun” that warps a powerful blast of energy to allow for long-distance bombardment from outside an opponent’s range. Yamato met with a similar warship on its return from Iscandar, which has since been mass-produced and deployed with the Gatlantis fleet in large numbers.

Primary weapon: Flame strike gun x 1
Large bow turret x 1
Main gun turret x 3
Secondary turret x 2
Anti-aircraft gun x 16
Torpedo tube x 9

Nazca-class battle carrier

The main aircraft carrier of the Gatlantis task force. The recessed portion of the upper hull is a flight deck with carrier-based fighter divisions stored on either side. The main gun, secondary guns, and anti-aircraft guns are in storage compartments on the upper and lower hulls. It is equipped with missile launchers on the forward hull and has high attack power.

Primary weapon: main gun turret x 3
Secondary turret x 2
Anti-aircraft turret x 18
Torpedo tube x 2
Aircraft: crustacean-type assault fighter x 24

Lascaux-class assault cruiser

A heavily armed, high-speed cruiser that serves as the core of the Gatlantis fleet. Besides a large number of rapid-fire gun turrets, including the main gun and anti-aircraft guns, the bridge structure is equipped with a total of 10 missile launch tubes.

Primary weapon: central gun turret x 6
Secondary turret x 6
Anti-aircraft gun x 6
Missile launch tube x 10

Kukulkan-class assault destroyer

A destroyer that attacks enemy ships with high mobility. The quick-fire gun turrets that are unique to Gatlantis warships vastly improve accuracy by “scattering” a large amount of deadly energy. With this, its focus is to deal out as much damage as possible to an enemy.

Primary weapon: main gun turret x 5
Secondary turret x 3
Anti-aircraft gun x 10

Gaizengan weapons group – Calaklum-class battleship

A heavy battleship of Gatlantis that measures 520m in length. The design concept of its hull is very different from other ships, which characterizes it with a unique operating procedure. It has the same amount of weapons as a battleship, but it is equipped with a special “Lightning rotation gun” firing system. A ring is formed of small torpedo bits that amplify beam energy when fired. In addition, its firepower can further be increased by supplying a large amount of lightning strike bits from multiple ships of the same type.

Length: 520m
Primary weapon: Lightning rotation gun
Large rotating turret x 3
Extra-large rotating turret x 2
Bridge deck turret x 3
Large bridge deck turret x 1

[Translator’s note: “Calakmul” follows the tradition of giving ancient South American names to Gatlantis mecha. See background info here. The name is rendered “Calaklum” in official materials because, according to series director Nobuyoshi Habara, it is easier for Japanese fans to pronounce.]

Early Gostok-class missile battleship Goland

A large missile ship that serves as the flagship of a fleet lead by Goland, one of the great commanders of Gatlantis. The two ultra-giant missiles in the bow are used to annihilate enemy fleets and for planetary strategy. In addition, the two large rounds can be replaced by other warheads according to strategic demands. Although it is impossible to reload the bow missiles at the front line, the turrets and fixed weapons are capable of continuous fire and reloading.

Length: 312m
Primary weapon: ultra-giant missile x 2
Bridge deck missile x 1
Fixed missile launchers x 28
Beam weapon turret (large) x 1
Three-barrel multi-missile gun turret x 4
Three-barrel multi-missile/five beam gun turret x 1
Three-barrel multi-missile/five beam gun turret x 2
Three-barrel multi-missile/three beam gun turret x 1
Five-barrel missile launcher x 1

Crustacean Assault Craft Deathvatator

The main assault fighter of Gatlantis. It is equipped with a rotary beam machine gun (quick-fire rotating turret) on its upper surface. 8 machine guns are fixed on the front of the hull. It is piloted by a crew of three, and carries six air-to-air missiles on its underside, or it can mount a single large anti-ship missile.

Primary weapon: beam machine gun turret x 1
Machine gun x 8
Air-to-air missile x 6

[Translator’s note: There has been long-standing confusion over the name “Desbatata” for the hermit-crab-shaped fighter. The assumption has always been that it was a misspelled version of “Devastator.” Consulting with 2202 supervising director Nobuyoshi Habara produced another explanation: it probably started out as “Devastator” and was modified into “Death-vatator.” (“Des” being a phonetic Japanese version of “Death.”) Until further evidence is found, we’ll be going with “Deathvatator” in all future texts.]

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  1. It’s quite clear that the weapon profiles are leaving out a few things. Notably, the Lascaux, Kukulkan, and Medalusa are lacking the antimatter torpedoes mentioned in Ark of the Stars. The Calakmul’s description also doesn’t mention the 4 smaller roundel turrets on its sides.

    Hopefully we’ll get more complete weapon loadouts in the future in stuff like the models.

    • Maybe they understood, that anti-matter torpedo, while sounds pretty cool, is actually a pretty bad weapon) The antimatter is notoriously hard to explode fast; it would tend more to “burn”, because the contact between matter and antimatter is only in surface layer – and the annihilation on said level push the matter and antimatter particle from each other, thus making the annihilation rather prolonged process.

      The average nukes are cheaper and they don’t threat you own ship, if damaged by enemy fire while onboard.

  2. I had just pre-ordered and payed for my copy of the new Bandai 1/1000 scale model of the
    Andromeda from CDJapan,Bandai had really done this version of her a lot of justice for this

  3. I actually like how the EDF fleet is using the older Pre-Garmilan war vessels, re-equipped for Wave-Motion technologies: it’s much more realistic than the thought of the EDF building a massive fleet of all-new ships in less than a year (automation notwithstanding, they still need crews) while they’re still rebuilding from the planet bombing.

  4. ‘Six-barrel multi-launch lateral beam cannons for close combat x 2’ – Andromeda class stats
    I presume these are an evolution of Yamato’s AA guns right? Because these vanguard ships ought to have some adequate AA defense especially for the carrier types…

  5. The Nasca Class Space Carrier for all of you old school anime fans for the classic show,she is also
    known as the Hailstorm Class.

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