Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Report 60

It hasn’t been 60 months yet (these Yamato 2199 reports began in December 2011, which was 56 months ago) but this is far and away the longest running series on Cosmo DNA and despite a slight drop in activity since last month it shows no signs of stopping. In July 2016, the Battlefield Infinity mobile game got a big upgrade, surprising new products were announced, and the NTT side story came back from hiatus. We didn’t get a new chapter of the manga from Michio Murakawa (and none is promised until early September), but the last time he took such a break it was to work on special projects for Ark of the Stars. Given that Yamato 2202 is now in production, it’s not hard to guess what else he might be working on.

Here’s everything that happened in the month of July…

July 1: NTT side story, Episode 6

In case you forgot, Japanese telecommunications company NTT started up a Yamato 2199 tie-in back in November 2014, which resulted in a serialized side-story on their website with the first chapter appearing in February 2015.

It ran at a fairly regular pace until October, at which point it went into unexplained hiaitus. The break was broken this month when a new chapter picked up where the last one left off. (By the way, the easiest way to locate the previous chapters is through our 2015 timeline; just search for the term NTT.)

See the original post here. Translation follows.

6: Setting Sail

Electric power came in from all over the world and a light was about to come on in Yamato’s Wave-Motion Engine. Okita barked an order.

“Wave-Motion Engine, start!”

Chief Tokugawa began the operation.

“Flywheel connected, chamber pressure increasing. Energy charge at 90…96…100…energy charge at 120%!”

Shaken off the ship, masses of rock began falling, surprising Kodai as he sat at the front of the first bridge. He cried out spontaneously.

“This ship is camouflaged!”

Captain Okita rose from the captain’s seat.

“Yes, it’s Yamato. Space Battleship Yamato!”

Okita’s voice rang out from the first bridge, reaching the ears of Riyo Tanikawa and Yu Sato in the central computer room. They silently carried out the instructions from Sanada and Niimi as tens of thousands of commands flowed through the circuits. The central computer room operators went pale as they clung desperately to the console and watched the mainframe process all the commands.

However, how many commands ran through Yamato’s mainframe from that one order roared from the first bridge? For a moment, Sato shuddered as a thought crossed his mind during the operation. The will of Captain Okita was the will of Yamato, and the pulse flowing through the ship’s information and communication network was Captain Okita’s heart.

“Our performance support is the transmission of the captain’s will.”

As professionals in the information and communication IT system, Riyo Tanikawa and Yu Sato were determined.

The morning sun rose over the reddish-brown surface of Earth at the horizon off the coast of Kyushu.

“Set sail! Yamato, launch!”

Chief Navigator Daisuke Shima pulled the lever with both hands.

“Yamato, launching!”

In the central computer room, Ryo Tanikawa and Yu Sato struggled with their duties. No, the entire crew of Yamato now struggled with their duties in the mission that was given to them.

Although the hardware and software had been heavily tested, they had that sense that all programmers feel…

“Will it work as expected in the tests?”

…haunted by a terrible anxiety, as if engaged in actual combat. Since the human race had bet its fate on Yamato’s launch, the tension and anxiety felt by Ryo Tanikawa and Yu Sato were extraordinary.

The Wave-Motion Engine started. Yamato’s anchoring devices were removed and the vibration of blasting bedrock echoed through the ship until Yu Sato felt his body rising.

The figure of the interplanetary ballistic missile launched by Garmillas appeared in the atmosphere. It couldn’t be seen from the engine room or the central computer room, but tension quickly filled Yamato’s first bridge.

Okita’s orders flew.

“We’ll intercept the enemy’s interplanetary ballistic missile here! Prepare to fire main guns!”

It was the first attack on Yamato, and combat leader Kodai issued the command without hesitation.

“Fire main guns!”

A tremendous shock ran through Yamato, then settled. Then, silence.

The huge main screen in the Cosmo Navy command center could not fully capture the image; it was filled with smoke.

“Was Yamato vaporized?”

“Look, there!”

Something emerged from the vortex of the explosion, trailing a tendril of smoke. It was Yamato.

Space Battleship Yamato was safe, escaping the threat of the Garmillas interplanetary ballistic missile and leaving Earth orbit.

As Yamato left Earth behind, infinite space spread out before it. Yamato was met by the abyss of space.

What lay in wait for Yamato…an unending journey of adventure as deep as space itself? A sense of relief spread through the hearts of the main crew on the first bridge: Captain Okita, First Mate Sanada, Kodai, Shima, Mori, and Niimi. This ship might be able to save the Earth.

As they left Earth, pride swelled in their chests as representatives of the human race. Struck by sunlight in the vacuum of space, Yamato shone as a beautiful silhouette.

July 4: Game news (round one)

The Battlefield Infinity mobile game kept on rolling, building steadily toward a 2.0 upgrade while winding down the 1.0 version with some blasts from the past…

Big-scale information update for the second edition

Big reconstruction of the unit system! Strengthen your units with this new system and build the strongest fleet!

Redesigned unit enhancement!

An enhanced system is implemented that uses your units! Strengthen your favorite units with surplus units as raw material! Also, the previous parameter system that enhanced individuals now enhances their value as a single unified experience! More experience lets you level up and improve parameters such as firepower, armor, and mobility!

Defeat an enemy and level up!

When you clear a battle, the experience level rises not just for the player, but also the unit! Winning an item when clearing a battle stage can also strengthen the unit, killing two birds with one stone!

Smooth recovery!

A damaged unit can be recovered and restored with resupplied materials from the same class of warship! A damaged unit can now be restored more smoothly than ever! Also, necessary supply resources are unified for each parameter! This makes it easier to understand the resources needed for supply! Restore your weapons with “ammunition,” fuel with “energy,” durable supplies with “steel” and damage with “cosmonite.”

Other modifications

Changes to the enhancement system and remodeling system: “enhancement chip” and “remodeling plan.”

Enhancement chips:

Performance enhancement request form, Firepower enhancement request form, Armor enhancemennt request form, Mobility enhancement request form, and Unified “enhancement chip.”

By using “enhancement chips” for a unit, you can earn unit experience value. Also, different chips are available according to the warship class of the unit to be enhanced. “Small warship enhancement chips” can be used to enhance a fighter. “Medium-size enhancement chips” can be used by cruisers, destroyers, or special ships. “Large-size enhancement chips” can be used for battleships and carriers.

Remodeling plan:

“Remodeling request forms” to add new items to a unit have been replaced by “Remodeling plans” that use resources to increase the upper limits of a unit. Like the “enhancement chips,” different plans are available for each class of warship. In addition, there are four stages for each. “Small warship plan” can be used to remodel fighters. “Medium-size warship plan” can be used to remodel cruisers, destroyers, and special ships. “Large-size warship plan” can be used to remodel battleships and carriers.

Enhancement request forms

Due to the discontinuation of “remodeling request forms,” any enhancement or remodeling request forms in your possession will be converted into “enhancement chips” after the version 2.0 update. See announcements in the game for further information.

July 4: Game news (round two)

Limited Valentine and Wedding units appear in the second revival event!

On July 4, the second revival event brings back the Secret Chocolate Scramble! Get one elite unit when you log in during the second revival event!

In the event stage, an enemy fleet appears that boasts of its strong firepower! Make full use of the revived elite unit to collect “chocolate” while under enemy attack! Ranking points can be earned from the chocolate you collect, so try to get a limited unit with your ranking reward!

With the ranking rewards from this revival event, there is a chance to get an even greater reward! Broaden your ranking rewards with the limited Yuki Mori and Elisa Domel units! In addition to this higher reward, elite Super-Rare units and revival tickets can be used in the third revival event, which is even more jam-packed than usual, including battle items that are useful at that stage!

Second revival event period: July 4 – 11.

One rare buildup after another is revived! Elite units appear that can also be used in this event!

In the Secret Choco Scramble revival event, elite units are revived to appear in both rare and normal buildup! These limited elite units from the past are only available in this revival event! Obtain elite units and try to clear the Secret Choco Scramble!

In the second revival event Secret Choco Scramble, chocolate versions of elite units appear, representing four people from both armies revived with Valentine hull paintings: choco versions of Mikage Kiryu and Kaoru Niimi from the UN Cosmo Navy, and Melda and Mirenel from the Garmillas Empire forces. These elite units have two special skills: Kiryu and Melda enhance armor in the event area, while Niimi and Mirenel enhance both armor and ranking points!

Obtain these elite units to achieve outstanding performance in the event, and get special limited versions of Yuki Mori and Elisa Domel as ranking rewards! Chances of acquiring an elite unit expand just after the event starts! Until July 6, the probability of buildup for Ultra-Rare units is doubled!!

Elite buildup period: July 4 – 11

(Read the description for the original Secret Choco Scramble event here.)

Benefits just from logging in: “Revival Ticket Buildup”!

Collect “Revival Tickets” in the event search stage in the “Revival Ticket Buildup” to obtain limited revival units: wedding versions of Harada and Elisa!

The revived wedding versions of Harada and Elisa have been redesigned into character illustrations from the “Version 2.0 Edition,” and are only available in this revival event! Take this chance to get them by all means!

Additionally, the ticket buildup construction consists of two types: “Revival Ticket Buildup” and “Probability Rise! Revival Ticket Buildup.” If you use a larger number, your chances of obtaining an exclusive limited revival unit go up!

Also! Simply log in during the event period and win “Revival Tickets” every day! Ticket buildup can be performed even at login! There is a chance to double your tickets if you log in on a specific day!

Furthermore! “Revival Tickets” that are available during the revival event period can be used in the third revival event! Collect “Revival Tickets” and collect ranking points when you clear the event stage!

Event search stage period: July 4 – 11
Ticket buildup period: July 4 – 11

July 8: Eyeglass frames announced

42 years on, this franchise still finds new territory to invade. On this date, a company called Megane [Glasses] Flower announced a product tie-in that puts Space Battleship Yamato on your face in the form of durable titanium eyeglass frames. If you’re wondering how that is even possible, study the design closely.

Available in both grey/red (hull colors) and silver (reflective coating color), the temples authentically capture Yamato’s bow fairing and sport a BBY-01 designation. The nose pads and arm tips carry anchor marks, and the windows of the first bridge are just barely visible on the bridge between the eyes. They also come with a custom case and cleaning cloth. For the Yamato fan who has everything…except 20/20 vision.

Preorders opened on July 22 with the frames promised for shipping in early August.

Get a closer look here or visit the Megane Flower website here.

July 11: Game news (round one)

Long-awaited character costume changes appear! Countdown campaign!

The countdown has finally begun for the big-scale version 2.0 update! When you log in every day until July 22, two of the four characters chosen in the Twitter application campaign will be available!

Time period: July 12 – 21

Third big-scale update information

Each unit’s characteristics are strengthened! Conquer evolved units in battle and aim to become the strongest commander!

Highly-rare units are even stronger!

By adjusting the parameters of all units, highly-rare units are strengthened! Also, in a new system of “five-way deadlock”, the differences in fighting power among each ship class is equalized! Attack the weak points of each warship class and annihilite the enemy! Large ships, medium ships, and fighters; build three units into one!

The individual skills of ships and characters shine!

In a battle, all units contribute to a fighting spirit gauge equipped on every ship that is automatically activated and can be used as an option, and two types of skills come up: “personal skill” that shows the power of individuals who appear, and “attack skill” that brings a flashy, energetic skill to a unit!

Weapons can upgrade according to the remodeling stage!

When you remodel a unit, the weapons are upgraded, too! Evolve to give damage for up to three attack stages! Also, the amount of damage increases from the weapons of the attacking warship class!

Renewed character pictures!

Attractive new character drawings appear! The individuality of each character stands out and you can see different aspects of the same character!

The dawn of a new Battlefield Infinity approaches! See the new galactic ocean in the large-scale version 2.0 update!

Update expected on July 22.

July 11: Game news (round two)

Third revival event! Get ranking and exclusive limited units!

Santa and his reindeer rampage in the third revival event edition! Messenger of Christmas Eve is revived!

During this period, Okita and Dessler appear as Santa in this limited area! Obtain ranking points by defeating Santa with special elite units – obtain limited units with ranking rewards!

The ranking rewards are reindeer versions of Misaki and Hilde, and get limited versions of Okita and Dessler as Santa on ships with Christmas hull paintings!

Also! With this ranking, you can be sure to get reindeer units of Misaki and Hilde! Special elite units needed for this event are available when you log in during the event period! Participate in the event and obtain limited units!

Revival event period: July 11 – 19

(Read the description for the original Messenger of Christmas Eve event here.)

Stand up to Santa! Special elite units appear with Christmas painting during rare buildup!

Elite units appear in the third revival event, Messenger of Christmas Eve: reindeer versions of Yamamoto and Melda on board fighters with Christmas hull paintings, revived for rare and normal buildup!

Special elite units of rarity are required for every stage in order to defeat the Santa in the enemy flagship! Try to defeat the Messenger of Christmas Eve (Santa) by utilizing their skill and firepower! The firepower of Limited elites is greatly increased!

Furthermore! Use large ship buildup to compete with your rival for ranking! Santa versions of Okita and Dessler ride on large ships that appear with Christmas hull paintings! Making full use of your elite skill ranking points to make the difference against your rival! Ultra-rare elite units increase ranking points by 400%! Try to get limited units with the ranking rewards from special elite units!

Elite buildup period: July 11 – 19

July 11: NTT side story, Episode 7

See the original post here. Translation follows.

A dream of the 21st and 22nd centuries ~ the interim of warp

It may be that Captain Okita was a man who dreamed of warp.

The year was 2199. Space Battleship Yamato rushed through an invisible orbit toward Iscandar.

After the next warp, sub-space communication would be impossible, and communication with Earth would disappear. A feeling of regret over the coming separation from Earth was rising inside the ship. From Mars orbit all the way out to Pluto, Yamato had repeated warping several times, and had started to become accustomed to the mysterious phenomena experienced during a warp, which went beyond time and space. Feelings people kept hidden in their hearts and minds sometimes slipped out in discussions across the table. When this was entangled with nostalgia for Earth, Yamato’s crew caught a momentary glimpse of fantasy.

When Chief Navigator Daisuke Shima shouted “warp,” the heart of Captain Okita flew back to 21st century Earth.

Even with an ordinary dream, a keyword that we see and think about just before falling asleep can have a great influence on the contents of a dream. In the moment of warp, Captain Okita noticed the name of an NTT Smart Connect engineer on the crew roster, and wondered vaguely if the accumulation of IT technology offered the key to success in this 168,000 light year voyage.

Earth of the 21st century…now let’s examine the information system of this time. The present 22nd century has advanced farther, but the fundamental spirit of securely protecting information is the same and should be understood.

Okita heard Niimi’s voice, as if both nearby and far away at the same time.

Niimi: It doesn’t seem as if our technology in the year 2199 has much to gain from studying technology from back then.

Okita: It’s not just learning technology, Niimi. We can learn a lot from the hearts that supported the technology.

They spoke in a mysterious sense; Okita couldn’t tell if he was talking to the people around him, or simply within his own mind. During a warp, the borders of the outside world became vague…perhaps this was only a memory, in which he was talking about his memories of the good old Earth…

Okita remembered the blue Earth. He remembered Earth at peace, prior to the attack launched by Garmillas. Despite his age, serving as the captain of a space battleship, the Okita born in the 22nd century shouldn’t be able to remember the global environment of the 21st century. That must mean he was seeing a dream image of 21st century Earth. Sanada’s influential voice floated into Okita’s ear.

Sanada: Yes, yes, there is a word for “taking lessons from the past,” but I’m not good at literature…

Okita: What kind of change was there in the IT techniques of the 21st century?

Sanada: The development of digital technology infrastructure reached maturity in Japan, and it was a time when communications networks between people had their greatest advancement.

Okita: I take it that’s when the foundations were laid for our age.

Sanada: That’s right. A domestic information network was built on a global scale, and it was a time when people’s lifestyles changed in many ways.

Okita: There’s an engineer from NTT Smart Connect in the staff of our engineering section…I’ll have them explain the technology base from that time.

Sanada: I think that’s a good idea, captain.

At Okita’s word, Tanikawa and Sato of NTT Smart Connect appeared on the first bridge. To them, it looked as if the main crew of Yamato – Captain Okita, Kodai, Mori, Sanada, Niimi, and Analyzer – stood on the floor of an IT facility in the 21st century.

Tanigawa: This is the NTT building from the Osaka center at the time.

Okita: In other words, the data center of this era?

Sato: I think it’s a representative sample of a 21st century Japanese data center.

Tanigawa: It’s a solid, earthquake-resistant design rated to seismic intensity level 7; high cooling efficiency with a double-floor structure, an uninterrupted power supply, an in-house turbine-type electric generator, and gas fire extinguishing equipment. It was a 21st century facility, fully equipped with the highest quality.

Sato: It was the largest data center in Western Japan in those days.

Chief Engineer Tokugawa, usually entrusted with the Wave-Motion Engine in the engineering section, was highly interested and listened attentively. A smile appeared on Captain Okita’s face.

Okita: Tokuagawa and Yamazaki, you both seem to prefer this study over the engine.

Tokugawa: Yes, Yamazaki and I are very interested.

Yamazaki: Yes, absolutely!

To be continued

July 14: Rimnicomix convention, Italy

It should be well-known by now that anime is even more popular in Italy than the US, and Space Battleship Yamato’s presence there grew beyond Star Blazers much earlier. (If you’d like a primer on how completely Italy was overtaken, click here.)

At the July 2016 Rimnicomix event, a company named Dynit (Dynamic Italia), partnered with another named Vvvvid, announced that Yamato 2199 would be released there on both DVD and Blu-ray starting October 26. There will be two box sets with thirteen episodes apiece. Additionally, the series was made available via streaming the same day as the convention.

If you happen to be one of our Italian crew members, you can preorder your discs at either or Dynit. And let’s hope the rest of us won’t have to wait much longer.

July 22: Game news (round 1)

Battlefield Infinity 2: Eternal Roman of Amami release!!

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Battlefield Infinity achieves a substantial upgrade: BFI2: Eternal Roman of Amami renewal! Here is an information update to introduce the voyage into a vast new galaxy!

[Translator’s note: two specific Japanese terms are included in that title. “Roman” is a shortened version of “romance,” invoking the romance of high adventure that has been a staple of Yamato since the beginning. “Amami” is derived from Japanese folklore as the name of a sea goddess whose name “Amamiku” is given to the Amami islands. In context, it could be read as “Eternal Romance of the Sea.”]

See a BFI2 promotional video on Youtube here.

Enjoy fierce battles just like the anime!!

Energetic battles are now possible with added three-dimensional renditions! Furthermore, all units can move in a single turn, and tactics are broadly improved! Attacking and defending ships (battleships, fighters, etc.) can deal out damage in turns through a newly-introduced combination system of “five-way deadlock”. Your fleet formation now holds the key to victory or defeat!

Unit reinforcement system renewed!

A new enhancement system absorbs your units! Your surplus units can be used to enhance your favorite units! You can also strengthen every warship class using “enhancement chips.” Try to strengthen your units in a way that suits you! In addition, whereas it used to be necessary to strengthen each parameter individually, leveling up is now improved depending on your experience! Various parameters now level up when your experience level improves in a stage!

High-rarity units are even stronger!

By adjusting the parameters of all units, those of high rarity get even stronger! All units have “unit skill” and “passenger skill.”

Unit skill: build up your fighting spirit gauge and activate it as an option

Passenger skill: when conditions are met, it activates automatically to show the power of an individual who appears.

An “attack skill” is also added that allows unit skills to move in a flashy, energetic way!

Also, weapons are upgraded when you remodel a unit! They deal out damage as attacks evolve in up to three stages!

Tactics and unit reinforcement methods have been redesigned. Confront your rivals and take the lead with strong units in BFI2: Eternal Roman of Amami!

July 22: Game news (round 2)

Commemorative campaign for BFI2: Eternal Roman of Amami release! Many limited and permanent units added!!

Starting on July 22, eight new units appear in rare buildup! Limited units available for a limited time, highly popular and all at once: Susumu Kodai, Yuki Mori, Dessler, and Celestella!

Newly-drawn ultra-rare units now appear permanently: Juuzo Okita, Yuria Misaki, Frakken, and Hilde!

Also! The probability of buildup with ultra-rare units is doubled until July 25! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Ultra-rare unit buildup period, probability increased: July 22 – 25
Limited unit buildup period: July 22 – August 1

Your dream is reality! Twitter application campaign units appear!

Winning characters from the Twitter application campaign appear at last!! These limited units are definitely available during Decision! BFI update ticket buildup! When there aren’t enough tickets, there is still a chance to get limited units with fixed probability in the BFI update ticket buildup! Get them with “BFI update tickets” distributed as login bonuses during the Countdown Campaign!

BFI update ticket availability period: July 22 – August 10

BFI update ticket drop in the normal area! Experience points double!

Renewal of the normal area! Break through the normal area as the world of Yamato is reborn!! Lots of campaign benefits appear in this area!

1. Earn double experience points!

Experience points double when a battle stage is cleared! In BFI2, experience points gained in a battle can be added to both the player and the unit!

2. Drop items doubled!

“Enhancement chips” and “remodeling plans” can be acquired when an enemy is defeated at double the usual rate! The number of items that can be acquired also increases as you advance through the area!

3. Remodeling resource amount is one-half!

When remodeling a unit, the quantity of resources is half that normally available!

4. BFI update ticket drop!

Limited characters chosen in the Twitter application campaign are available for BFI update tickets that drop with low probability when a flagship is destroyed at each stage! With luck, those who could not log in during the Countdown Campaign can collect tickets and try to get these limited characters!

The normal area is jam-packed with benefits as you advance! Take this chance to strengthen your units and make the strongest fleet!

Campaign period: July 22 – August 8

July 22: Hyperweapon 2016

Artist/modeler/designer Makoto Kobayashi graced us with his annual art book again this summer. Yamato content was minimal in this edition, but still significant. Two pages apiece were devoted to Yamato 2199 and Yamato 2202, containing concept sketches seen nowhere else.

See the 2199 art here. The 2202 content can be found here.

Order your copy of Hyperweapon 2016 (always highly recommended) here.

July 24: Wonder Festival, 2016 Summer

The bi-annual WonderFest is always a high point for Japanese hobby fans, and Yamato products have a home there every year, as these reports have dutifully recounted. Despite being an off-year for new Yamato anime, garage kits aplenty were there to be seen again…but nobody was prepared for a completely new trio of products announced by Megahouse. No release date was given for any of them, but that’s just a detail. Let’s see what’s on the way…

First, a variable Cosmo Zero will be added to the Cosmo Fleet Special miniatures collection. Based on the prototype, this will be the most elaborate miniature yet with foldable wings, multiple attachment parts, tiny Kodai & Yuki figures, and even a launch catapult.

Second, a new 1/8 scale figure in the Yamato Girls collection. This was the only image on display, which does a good job of concealing her identity. After all, nobody flew a red Cosmo Zero or lounged around with an anchor. On the other hand, Melda Dietz had a penchant for her red Czvarke, so that’s as good a guess as any at this early stage.

Third, the most unexpected announcement of all: a 1/1 scale Nanbu Type 14 Cosmo Gun – an item coveted by fans since 1974. Until now, the best you could do was an expensive garage kit. But if this one follows previous customs, it will be a standard plastic model buildable by almost anyone. Hobby Japan and Arms magazine both originate from the same publisher, and gun replica kits have been co-released in pieces bundled with each magazine. We don’t know yet precisely how this model will be released, but this relationship suggests possibilities.

Naturally, any and all news about these intriguing products will be reported as it becomes available (which is a good reason to join our Facebook page if you haven’t already). For now, click here for more pics and a look at the other Yamato products displayed at Wonderfest.

July 24: Music news

As Akira Miyagawa prepares to take on the composing duties for Yamato 2202, his concert schedule continues apace. This poster promotes the kickoff of his latest tour, the “Symphorhythmic Concert,” which reunites him with pop diva Junko Yagami in Tokyo.

Ms. Yagami earned her Yamato cred in 1983 with Love Supreme, the epilogue song from Final Yamato, and returned to the fold to sing it live at Yamato 2199 Concert 2012. She reprised it in this concert along with the customary Yamato theme.

Visit her official website here.

July 31: Dengeki Hobby Web article

Dengeki Hobby magazine is gone, but the website continues its fine modeling tradition in a more limited form. Among other things, it’s become a communication platform for Soy-ya!, one of the most respected makers of Yamato 2199 garage kits. On this day, the first of a promised series of articles appeared about the making of a Megaluda scratch-build at 1/1000 scale. (Actual size blueprints below; posted by Soy-ya! on Twitter.)

Click here to see the article. Followup articles will appear monthly.

Visit the Soy-Ya! Twitter page here.

See a photo gallery of other Soy-Ya! garage kits here.

Also spotted in July

Yamato “space panel” exhibit

Every effort is made for these reports to be complete, but sometimes coverage is slippery. In this case, a “Yamato 2199 Travels the Universe Space Panel Exhibition” opened back on May 3, located at the Ueda Multimedia Information Center in Yatsugatake Nature Park in Nagano Prefecture (central Japan). Similar to the other science exhibits we’ve heard about, it’s a one-room display that covers the astrophysics of the voyage. Nothing else was learned until the park’s blog was discovered, which included this photo of the exhibit. It will remain open all the way to December 28.

Roadside Yamato

In the spring of 2015, this large display inexplicably showed up in the Hiroshima countryside and has since become a photo-stop for Yamato fans traveling through the area (see more info in the Yamato Year 2015 retrospective). It was shared again with this photo, posted on Twitter by RCCradiocar on July 4.

Michio Murakawa art sighting

There was no manga this month, but a 2199 report wouldn’t be complete without a Murakawa sample. Fortunately, this hand-drawn image was spotted in a toy store window and shared on Twitter by K423.

CG modeling

Modeler Mirror MK shared several gorgeous images of this homemade Cosmo Seagull. See them here.

Fan Art

A respectable collection of fan art popped up on Twitter in July, including pieces that marked Susumu Kodai’s birthday on July 7. See a gallery here.

1/100 RC model

This amazing homemade model, nearly as detailed as the professionally-built 1/100 exhibition models that first appeared in 2014, turned up on July 20 and went for a swim at the Battleship Yamato Museum’s pond in Kure city.

These photos were posted on Twitter by Nekoaza, and footage of the model in action can be seen on Youtube here.

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