Final Yamato DVD galleries

by Tim Eldred

When I was hired by Voyager Entertainment to produce the Star Blazers and Space Battleship Yamato DVDs for US fans, my first goal for each series and movie was to create bonus features covering the main elements seen in the story: characters, mecha, props, backgrounds, etc. These were constructed as galleries that could be viewed like slideshows. Since the Japanese DVDs had nothing like this at the time, they were unique.

Now that the DVDs are long out of print, these galleries are being presented for archival purposes.

In the case of Final Yamato (released on DVD March 2004) there were four such galleries as shown here. Click on the links to see them in full. Some terminology differs from material found elsewhere on this website because it conformed to the subtitles on the film.

See the Star Blazers DVD galleries here: Series 1 | Series 2 | Series 3

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