Yamato Models by Bandai

Part 9: Crossing the Ocean

Starting in 1985, Twentieth Century Imports (based in Boulder, Colorado) brought many of Bandai’s Yamato kits to America under the Star Blazers name, which resulted in the very first mass-market Star Blazers merchandising. The kits were widely available, but it was rare to find all of them in any one place. Bandai’s box art was used, and names were updated to match their Star Blazers counterparts. Many of the larger kits included a bonus Mecha Collection mini-kit.

Large kits:

1/700 Space Cruiser Argo Cutaway Version
1/1000 Space Cruiser Argo
Alex Wildstar’s Super Star
Earth Defense Force Patrol Cruiser
Earth Defense Force Battle Cruiser
Earth Defense Force Battleship

Earth Defense Force Spacecraft Carrier
Zordar’s Dreadnought
Comet Empire Anti-Matter Missile Ship Torbuck
Dark Nebula Empire Tripod Tank
Earth Defense Force Unmanned Battleship
The Gamilon Desslok’s Command Cruiser


1. Space Cruiser Argo
2. EDF Destroyer
3. Avatar’s Flagship
4. Alex Wildstar’s Destroyer Paladin
5. Comet Empire Twin-Deck Carrier
6. Comet Empire Single-Deck Carrier
7. Comet Empire Destroyer
8. Comet Empire Anti-Matter Missile Ship

9. Wildstar’s Super Star
10. EDF Battle Cruiser
11. Desslok’s Command Cruiser
12. Garuman/Gamilon Battleship
13. EDF Patrol Cruiser
14. Comet Empire Battleship
15. Gamilon Destroyer
16. Dark Star Nebula Battleship

Above: catalog pages for both waves of Star Blazers kits offered by Twentieth Century Imports. Below: a display box for the mini-kits and an order form circa January 1, 1985. Click here to see all four documents at a larger size. (Note: Twentieth Century Imports is unfortunately no longer in business, so any attempt to contact them will likely end in disappointment.)

Special thanks to Steve Harrison and Les Rogers for the images.

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11 thoughts on “Yamato Models by Bandai

  1. Hi there,
    I am considering buying the kit “BANDAI MINI STAR BLAZERS YAMATO DARK NEBULA PLEIADES KIT # 17”, but I would like to see a picture of a finished model, as the picture on the box does not give a clear impression of what it will look like. I cannot even see from the box picture if it is long and narrow or circular. (I do not know the series, I just like spaceship models !)

    Please can you offer any links to sites with pictures of the ships or models ?

    Many thanks for any help you can give,
    All the best,

  2. Back in 1985 I was shown a flyer from TCI that showed the projected (and never produced) third round of English reprints that was to have included the 1:700 Andromeda and (I think) the large 1:500 Yamato. If anyone has a copy of this, can it be posted or linked to here?

    Mike Bartel

  3. Hello
    I have a yamato kit that is not on any list. i was told it was the first cartoon version the model itself is a fairly large kit .but the most distinguishing feature is its high bow .can any one tell me if this kit is rare or not?

  4. hello i have a bandai yamato model that is not shown above i was told it was the cartoon version with the high bow is this kit rare/?

    • You’re talking about the “image model,” also referred to as the “deform kit.” It’s got a large bow and small sterm for forced perspective. You can see it at the top of this page:
      That model is not currently in production, so it becomes more rare by the day.

  5. Any idea where I can get the instructions for the large Argo (non-cutaway version) kit? I have can opportunity to buy the kit sans instructions. Thanks!

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