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Chapter 6: Regeneration Chapter

Episode 19: Heir to Yamato, the name is Ginga

From the theatrical program book (left side above):

Yamato sinks, and Ginga inherits its will.

With a bitter expression, Hijikata orders everyone to abandon ship as Yamato loses all function. But Hijikata, Kodai, and several other members of the crew are unable to escape as Yamato disappears into the gravity sphere of the city empire…

Captain Saki Todo of the experimental Wave-Motion ship Ginga newly appears at the front and invites Sanada on board, along with other crew members who escaped from Yamato. By streamlining and automating the fleet to the ultimate extent, the human race is trying to counter the enemy with sheer numbers. Ginga’s mission is to buy the time to create a new fleet within the time fault. If this operation can last for ten days, the fleets will be entirely run by AI with no human involvement. For that reason, Ginga’s AI needs to learn the experience and techniques of Yamato’s crew.

On the other hand, the devil has kept his promise. As compensation for Kato’s betrayal, Goenitz presents the human race with the data for a generational cure for Planet Bomb Syndrome. The lives of many children will be saved…by Yamato’s sacrifice. Kato, who cannot live with his crime, asks for a place to die and is placed in charge of the dangerous Blackbird Strategy, leading an AI squadron on a suicide mission.

Yamato has crashed on an unknown planet surrounded by fog. Katsuragi is unconscious in the medical bay. Someone makes a move on her life, but is scared off when an injured Yuki appears. Zordar looks through the eyes of this attacker and sees her before breaking off.

Kodai enters and finds Yuki back on her feet. She stares blankly at him.

“Who are you…?”

”I will not allow you to pass, Gatlantis!!”

Episode 19 notes
(from the video booklet)

Yu Kishida of the technical department helps Sanada when he is injured. Toshiro Amagami of the Space Cavalry Corps takes out Kato.

This is a small point not mentioned in the story, but while separated from Yamato, Yuria Misaki’s last name changed to Hoshina (she married Toru Hoshina).

The surprise attack that makes full use of the Blackbird aircraft is reminiscent of the Cosmo Tiger assault in Yamato 2 Episode 20.

The image of Yamato sunk into the red earth connects with the original image of the sunken battleship that started it all.

Episode 20: Gatlantis, cursed children

From the theatrical program book:

The revolt of Gatlantis. Zordar’s tragic past is now clear…

Kodai no longer resides in Yuki’s heart now that she is revived…and she has no memory of her life since the car crash prior to 2199. Kodai is overcome by great sorrow.

Meanwhile, Keyman leads an exploration team and discovers ancient ruins on the surface. This is the planet Zemulia, which was trapped by the city empire. Within these ruins is an ancient memory bank of the ancient Zemulians who created Gatlantis. An AI system begins to communicate through Analyzer. Zordar, who was created with advanced intelligence, committed the crime of having emotions, and lead a rebellion against the Zemulians. Sabera, a woman of Zemulia, supported him. But love brought them tragedy, and ironically only Zordar survived. He revived Sabera as a clone to power an ancient Akerian device called the “Ark of Destruction,” which became the White Comet.

Now, he hates the human race for being seized by the feeling called love, and his ultimate goal is to eradicate all of humanity from space. Zordar stubbornly denies love, but conversely it is a testimony to the importance of love. That’s what Kodai feels. Determined to push on, Zordar orders Gatlantis forward, and it warps past the Earth fleet to continue its conquest.

“Those with anger, grief, and despair, pass judgment!!”

Episode 20 notes
(from the video booklet)

The tilt of the crashed Yamato pays its respects to Yamato sleeping off the Cape of Bonoumisaki.

It turns out that Zordar and Gairen have lived for over a thousand years.

Fomto Berger makes his long-awaited appearance, assuming command of a carrier group after his battle record against Gatlantis in Ark of the Stars.

The Andromeda-class carrier ships are named in honor of the former Domel task force.

Saki Todo appears as a young girl in a photograph. A memo on the design indicates that it has the image of Akiko Todo from Yamato III.

Episode 21: Escape from a nightmare!!

From the theatrical program book (left side above):

Desperate struggle in the Mars absolute defense zone. The “G Plan” is announced. Report of the discovery of Yamato there!

Kodai continues analyzing the Zemulian data, compelling Katsuragi to override the AI and reveal a device within Gatlantis named “Golem” that was created as a failsafe to end the lives of all Gatlanteans. This device was stolen by Zordar and is now part of his throne room. Seeing that Yamato’s crew has absorbed this critical information, Zordar forms a Legionnaire Cannon to destroy them.

Gatlantis invades the Mars absolute defense zone with the main force of its fleet. Earth responds with new waves of battleships, some combined with Garmillas technology, and increasingly run by AI elements. Yamanami now has solo command of the rebuilt Andromeda-Kai and leads an automated Andromeda fleet.

As the tactical situation at Mars deteriorates, the Ginga is given a top secret mission called the “G Plan,” issued by the AI. The plan is for Ginga to escape and become the core of a new colony of humans. However, when Yamanami sees the glow of the Legionnaire Cannon poised to destroy Zemulia, he takes it as a sign that Yamato is still alive. He decides to help Yamato escape by destroying Gatlantis’ gravity core.

Ginga’s AI recommends against saving Yamato and proceeding with the “G Plan.” Saki hesitates, with the life or death of humanity in the balance. Ultimately, she chooses the path of full humanity and destroys the AI.

Andromeda-Kai’s Wave-Motion Gun is amplified by Ginga’s Wave-Motion Lens and pierces the gravity nucleus of the comet. Yamato is rescued, and Andromeda-Kai dives to its end. Yamanami is rescued at the last moment by Kato, returning in victory.

Episode 21 notes
(from the video booklet)

At the beginning, a wide variety of battleships at the time fault was drawn by guest designers, including Makoto Kobayashi.

Yamanami leads an unmanned Andromeda fleet, and to prevent the loss of all power, which is the biggest weakness of the Wave-Motion Gun, Dreadnought-class ships are used as boosters.

Yamanami’s crash-dive attack from directly above invokes the image of the Cosmo Tigers diving at Gatlantis from Yamato 2 Episode 25.

The “G Plan” to carry genes is a revival of the “Izumo Plan,” which was the basis for Yamato’s construction in Yamato 2199.

Episode 22: Destined showdown!

From the theatrical program book:

The second coming of Dessler!? The final battle begins with the revived Yamato

Yamato is rebuilt in the sky over Mars, with the transfer of Ginga’s main guns and hull plating, the ship and crew prepare for the decisive battle. The final strategy is to invade the interior of the city empire, activate “Golem,” and destroy all of Gatlantis. Kodai, convinced that he can talk Zordar down from his destructive path, is determined to reach him before choosing the final solution.

Believing there is a spy in their midst, the leaders of Yamato decide to exclude the Space Cavalry division from the strategy. They believe someone was compromised at Planet 11. Saito, unable to deny the possibility, has no choice but to accept this.

Ahead of Yamato, Neu Deusuler appears. Dessler has realigned with Gatlantis. Yamato dodges the Dessler Cannon and slams into Neu Deusuler to begin a fierce hand-to-hand fight. In the midst of battle, Saito is struck by a cruel truth. Someone in his unit has been compromised by the enemy; himself.

Confident that Yamato’s crew has fallen into his trap, Dessler watches from his bridge, unconcerned. Keyman appears, taking down his defenses and urging his uncle to change his mind. But Miru ends the conversation with a bullet, shooting Dessler from behind. Miru urges Keyman to fire upon Dessler and end his life. “If you kill the one you love…it will save both Earth and Garmillas.”

Episode 22 notes
(from the video booklet)

Yamato is rebuilt off the shore of Mars for the final decisive battle. Main gun turrets, anti-aircraft guns, and close-defense firearms are transplanted from Ginga. The output of the main guns has been enhanced by adding condensers.

On the other hand, the problem of a latent resurrected body within Yamato also manifests itself. The Space Cavalry Corps, which boarded at the 11th Planet, is naturally under suspicion, and many will be surprised by the spy’s true identity.

The important situation of the decisive battle between Dessler and Yamato was also depicted in the original. This time, Keyman opposes his blood relative Dessler in the climax.

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