Yamato Resurrection: the novelization

Welcome to a rare opportunity to experience a Yamato story in prose form. This is nothing unusual in Japan, where novelizations go all the way back to 1974 (read the very first one here), but it’s certainly a rarity to read that prose in English.

The Resurrection novelization is unique in two ways. First, it was published on a very limited basis, as part of the Resurrection Complete Box set in October 2010, and never sold separately. Second, it is the only Yamato novelization (so far) written by a woman, Rei Morimura, whose publishing credits go back to 1985.

As with all well-rounded novelizations, it expands upon material seen on the screen and adds levels of characterization that work better in text form. The novel’s only artwork was the cover painting seen here. All images contained in the chapters are from the production archives or the film itself.

The universe spreads into infinity…
A world filled with silent light…

The solar system we live in is about 30,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Earth…the mother planet that gave birth to us and raised us…Earth and the human race will face an unprecedented crisis…

Seventeen years after Space Battleship Yamato sank in the sea of the wandering planet Aquarius…

It is the year 2220…

Story by Yoshinobu Nishizaki
Novelization by Rei Morimura
Published by Yamato Books, October 2010

Chapter 1: Approaching Black Hole

Chapter 2: Earthling Emigration Plan

Chapter 3: Kodai’s Return

Chapter 4: The Hope of Humanity, Yamato

Chapter 5: Resurrection!! Space Battleship Yamato

Chapter 6: Great Urup Interstellar Union of Nations

Chapter 7: Yamato, Enemy Confrontation

Chapter 8: Resolution to Destroy the Earth Ship

Chapter 9: Resolved! Flyby Warp

NEW! Chapter 10: Etos Soldier, Gorui

Chapter 11: The Sorrow of Amal

Chapter 12: Gorui’s Decision

Chapter 13: A Battle Betting on the Future

Chapter 14: Shout! The Six-way Wave-Motion Gun

Chapter 15: Farewell, Earth

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