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Starting January 21, 2012, the official Yamato 2199 website opened its Character Gallery and has periodically updated it since then. By the time the first two episodes were released as a theatrical film in April, the entire ship’s crew and key characters from Earth were revealed, and then we started to get a look at key figures on the Gamilas side. New entries are added periodically.

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About the ranks: according to translator Tsuneo Tateno, the ranking system is based on the Japanese Self-Defense Force, rearranged to accommodate a space force. He helpfully provided these tables for reference:

Japan Self-Defense Force ranks

Comparative Naval ranks

Specialist ratings

Special thanks to Tsuneo Tateno, Neil Nadelman, and Sword Takeda for translation support.

Captain Juuzo Okita (57) Voice actor: Takayuki Sugao

Captain of Space Battleship Yamato. Admiral of the combined fleet of UN Space Command, native of Fukushima Prefecture.

An expert in astrophysics, his outward calm and composure conceals a tough and unyielding fighting spirit. Also has an abundant knowledge of space, combining the two faces of disciplined soldier and experienced scientist. For this reason, he always wished to visit space not as a military man but as a man of science.

Susumu Kodai (20) Voice: Daisuke Ono

Tactical Division Officer of Yamato. Leader of Tactical Group, Air Captain First Class. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Was a third-class air captain assigned to the 7th strategic space group before boarding Yamato, but was advanced two classes and placed in command of the tactical division after his older brother Mamoru was killed in action. The main and secondary gun batteries, anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, fighter wing, and wave-motion gun are all under his command. Deck officers are also placed under the tactical division. Graduated as an official cadet from space soldier training academy and was selected as a primary member of the Yamato Plan. (The forerunner of this was the Yayoi Plan, a top secret mission to escape Earth.)

Daisuke Shima (20) Voice: Kenichi Suzumura

Navigational Division Officer of Yamato. Chief Navigator in charge of navigation, signaling, watch, comprehensive route planning. Air captain first class, born in Okinawa Prefecture.

Was a third-class air captain in the 101st regular space division before boarding Yamato, received a two-class promotion to chief navigator when the previous candidate was killed in action in a battle against Gamilas.

Yuki Mori (19) Voice: Houko Kuwashima

Ship Affairs Division Officer of Yamato.

Leader of ship affairs in charge of information, electronics, communications, coding, hull demagnetization. Air Captain First Class in charge of radar and radio communications on the first bridge. Was assigned to jurisdiction of the Far East 9th District Strategy Department before boarding Yamato. The planning division for the Yamato plan originated within 9th District Strategy Department.

Shiro Sanada (29) Voice: Houchu Otsuka

Officer of Yamato‘s technology division. First mate and technical head. His rank is Lieutenant Commander. Born in Nagano Prefecture.

Oversees scientific analysis, information analysis, development, and engineering. Other than the technology leader, he also holds the post of first mate to Captain Okita. As a genius who graduated at the top of MIT, his thinking is very logical and his analytical skills are unrivaled at assessing a situation. He advanced to the National Space Defense Academy after graduating from MIT, volunteered for UN Space Command and was assigned to the 9th Strategic Division. He is at the center of the Yamato Plan.

Yasuo Nanbu (21) Voice: Kenji Akabane

Officer in Yamato‘s tactical division. Chief gunner. His rank is Lieutenant Junior Grade (or Second-grade Space Lieutenant). A native of Tokyo.

Manages the performance of weapons such as the ship’s cannons and missiles to support tactical operations. He is a heir to Nanbu Heavy Industry, a major munitions company. When he was selected as a member of the Yamato Plan, he joined over the objection of his parents.

Yoshikazu Aihara (22) Voice: Masato Kokubun

Operation Section officer of Yamato. Chief communications officer. His rank is Ensign (or Third-grade Space Lieutenant). Born in Iwate Prefecture, responsible for communication controls of Yamato.

Kenjiro Ota (21) Voice: Yuuki Chiba

Officer in Yamato‘s navigation division. Chief of weather. His rank is Ensign (or Third-grade Space Lieutenant). Born in Osaka.

Observes and reports space weather and Yamato‘s accompanying trajectory information. He has a bright personality and his optimism makes him a mood-maker.

Hikozaemon Tokugawa (62) Voice: Mugihito

Officer in Yamato‘s engineering division. Chief engineer. His rank is Lieutenant Commander. From Aichi Prefecture.

An experienced veteran of the engineering operation that supported Captain Okita in the previous inner-planetary conflict prior to the Gamilas war. Served as chief engineer under Okita on Kirishima, flagship of the 1st fleet, before boarding Yamato.

Susumu Yamazaki (45) Voice: Hiroshi Tsuchida

Assistant engineer/damage control. Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade (or Second-grade Space Lieutenant). A native of Kumamoto Prefecture.

When Yamato comes under attack, he leads damage control to prevent a situation from worsening. Usually acts as Tokugawa’s support. There is a sincere bond of trust between the two senior engineers.

Sukeji Yabu (33) Voice: Cho

An engineer. Rank: Petty Officer 1st Class. A native of Mie Prefecture.

The favorite student of Tokugawa. Served under him on Kirishima before boarding Yamato. His ability as an engineer is first-class, but he is somewhat timid and always skeptical.

AU-O9 / Voice: Cho

Official name: R-9 Autonomous Type Shipborne Analysis Unit. An improvement over the conventional AU-08, boards Yamato as “crew in charge of analysis” to act as a subframe robot in support of the mainframe.

A quantum computer with autonomous thinking and behavior that allows him to act as a general-purpose class system node analysis terminal. Equipped with an AI system installed with BIOS judgement rather than a simulated personality. Hates to be referred to by number, refers to self as “Analyzer.”

Dr. Sakezo Sado (54) Voice: Shigeru Chiba

Head of Yamato‘s medical division. Ship’s doctor. He is a civilian, but treated as equivalent to Commander (or 2nd-grade Space Colonel). From Niigata Prefecture.

One of the few who can speak frankly to Captain Okita. Although he is a heavy drinker and is never parted from a bottle, his medical and technical knowledge are first-class.

Makoto Harada (21) Voice: Rina Satou

Field medic (civilian) assigned to Yamato‘s medical division. Originally from Akita Prefecture.

She worked with Dr. Sado in the central hospital. Does her job briskly. Occasionally assigned as a medic for rescue missions. Has a bright and cheerful personality, but rumor has it that she’s much more sensitive to others’ feelings than most.

Yuria Misaki (17) Voice: Aya Uchida

Assistant Warrant Officer. Cadet, Operations Division. Originally from Yamaguchi prefecture.

She serves as essential personnel for Yuki on the ship’s third watch. Has an ability to see the invisible and sense the supernatural, but isn’t that concerned about it.

Kaoru Niimi (27) Voice: Aya Hisakawa

Science & Technology Officer, Intelligence Division. Originally from Kyoto.

She’s a talented woman in the technical division whom Sanada relies upon. Specialties include enemy tactical and data analysis. She also has a doctorate in psychology and acts as the ship’s counselor.

Akira Yamamoto (19) Voice: Rie Tanaka

Ensign in the Yamato‘s accounting division (Purser). Rank: second lieutenant. Originally from Arcadia City on Mars.

She wants to join the Yamato‘s fighter wing, but is assigned to the accounting division. [Editor’s note: this represents the first gender-change in the cast; in the original, Yamamoto was male.]

Supplemental: The only female in the flying corps with a distinguished technology degree. She applied for the flying corps like her older brother, but was initially assigned to the accounting office. Her talent was recognized by Kodai and this openly lead to a permanent change of station.

Saburo Kato (23) Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Captain of Yamato‘s space combat fighter squadron. Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade (or Second-grade Space Lieutenant). A native of Hokkaido.

He is a pilot of the Type-99 Space Strike Fighter . He has the air of an older brother and takes good care of his subordinates. Leader of Yamato‘s flight group, and a top ace in the UN air & space wing. There is a scar on his left eyebrow.

Hiroki Shinohara (24) Voice: Daisuke Hirakawa

Officer in Yamato‘s tactical division, member of the flight group. Rank: Ensign (or Third-grade Space Lieutenant). A native of Tochigi Prefecture.

He is Kato’s right-hand man and second in command of the flight group. This long-haired guy is seen as frivolous based on his looks, words and deeds. But in truth, he is a reasonable young man.

Hajime Hirata (23) Voice: Fumihide Ise

Chief Purser in Yamato‘s accounting department. Rank: Lieutenant (or 1st-grade Space Lieutenant).

He is in charge of the accounting department, which manages supplies and material goods. The food supply system (OMCS) is also under his management. Has a calm character, joined the military at the same time as Kodai and Shima, and has a friendly relationship with them.

Shinya Itou (28) Voice: Toshihiko Seki

Officer and head of Yamato‘s security division (Master-at-arms). His rank is Lieutenant Junior Grade (or Second-grade Space Lieutenant). Native of Shiga Prefecture.

Came from the Information Bureau, manages Yamato‘s internal security and police affairs. Always smiles politely when dealing with others, but has a condescending atmosphere.

Toru Hoshina (18) Voice: Motoki Takagi

Member of Yamato‘s security division. Rank: Warrant Officer. A Tokyo native.

A member of the security division who puts all his trust in Ito. A handsome, sociable young man who always wears a smile.

Isami Enomoto (36) Voice: Keiji Fujiwara

Boatswain’s mate and senior petty officer. Rank: Space Master Chief Petty Officer. Originally from Aomori prefecture.

A veteran NCO in charge of deck operations throughout the ship. Strict with a no-nonsense approach to making decisive, on the spot decisions. His honest personality inspires a fierce loyalty from his subordinates. Prior to his posting aboard Yamato, he was Kodai and Shima’s practical skills instructor.

Kiyoshi Toyama (26) / Voice: Koji Yusa

A member of Yamato‘s tactical division. Rank: Corporal. From Saitama Prefecture.

Responsible for deck work and fightercraft operations. An easygoing personality, has a habit of ending sentences with a “na-” sound. [The equivalent of “eh?”] Often paired with Iwata.

Shinpei Iwata (27) / Voice: Kouki Harasawa

A member of Yamato‘s tactical division. Rank: Space Sergeant 3rd Class. From Tokushima.

Responsible for deck work and fightercraft operations. A subordinate of Enomoto who complains a lot but handles his work properly. Often paired with Toyama.

Miki Saijo (20) / Voice: Satomi Moriya

CIC Officer in Yamato‘s CIC division. Rank: Space Sergeant, First Class. From Shimane Prefecture.

Takes charge of the ship’s sensors as a backup for Yuki Mori when she is absent. Works closely with Kitano.

Tetsuya Kitano (20) / Voice: Ryuichi Kijima

Weapons Officer in Yamato‘s tactical division. Rank: Space Airman. From Miyagi Prefecture

Works as a backup for Kodai on the first bridge and CIC. When Nanbu carries out said work on the bridge, he substitutes as the weapons officer in Nanbu’s position. He originally aspired to join the navigation division, but was assigned to the tactical division.

Heikuro Todo (59) Voice: Shinji Ogawa

Earth Federation, Far East District Chief Administrator. General manager of the Yamato Plan Division. From Kochi Prefecture.

Top administrator of the Far East District. Also the chief executive of the UN Headquarters Space Planning Office and Yamato Plan. Although he is not a military man, he has been Okita’s friend and confidante for many years.

Kotetsu Serizawa (55) Voice: Tessho Genda

United Nations Space Corps and Far East District Director of military. Rank: Space General. From Ibaraki prefecture.

The central figure of the Izumo Plan, forerunner of the Yamato Plan. A military bureaucrat who assists Todo on the military adminstration side. Has strong political ambitions, unhappy with the popularity and respect garnered by Okita after the second battle of Mars.

Ryu Hijikata (56) Voice: Unshou Ishizuka

Commander in the UN Space Forces, Space Defense Corps. Rank: Space Admiral. From Tokyo.

Commands the Space Defense Corps of the Lunar Area Military UN Space Forces and all ground troops under them, commands Earth Homeland Defense Corps within the Lunar orbit defense line. He is a staunch fleet commander with razor-sharp strategic acumen, but when many talented personnel were lost against the Gamilas, it was felt that he would serve best in training personnel as headmaster of the Space Soldier Academy. Later, Todo asked him to take the post of Supreme Commander of UN Space Defense Forces. Okita is his close friend from their training days in the Academy.

Osamu Yamanami (48) Voice: Masashi Ebara

Captain of flagship Kirishima, first fleet. Rank: space colonel, first class. From Hyogo prefecture.

Captain of the battleship Kirishima, host to fleet commander Admiral Okita in Strategic Operation M [Megami]. An able warship commander whom Okita trusts implicitly; a principled optimist.

Mamoru Kodai (28) Voice: Mitsuru Miyamoto

Captain of Space Destroyer Yukikaze. Rank: Space Lieutenant Commander, 3rd class. From Kanagawa Prefecture.

Officer in the UN Cosmo Navy. Susumu Kodai’s older brother. When he graduated from the Space Soldier Academy, the war situation was worsening and talented people were being lost one after another. He was made the young captain of a destroyer. He lost his parents in a planet bomb attack, and his only remaining blood relative is his younger brother.

Starsha Iscandar / Voice: Kikuko Inoue

Queen of Planet Iscandar. Holds out a helping hand to Earth, which has been driven to the verge of extinction by Gamilas. Entrusted her younger sister Ulyssia with a message to deliver to Earth one year ago; the plan for the Wave-Motion Engine. Her sister Sasha delivered the next message.

Lord Abelt Dessler / Voice: Koichi Yamadera

The Great Emperor of Planet Gamilas. He is the equivalent of 32 Earth years of age.

Leader of the Imperial Planet Gamilas’ interstellar military nation, which expands his galactic territory. Although he is a young and arrogant dictator, he has awoken to the needs of his people. As head of state, he is the supreme commander of the Gamilas military and directs strategic operations at his whim, enjoying it as a game.

Redof Hyss / Voice: Yousuke Akimoto

Vice President of the Great Gamilas Empire. He is the equivalent of 54 Earth years of age.

Although he is officially no. 2 in the line of succession, he is constantly sensitive to the moods of Dessler out of self-preservation. He is looked at with contempt by his subordinates, who criticize him behind his back as “the emperor’s tea server,” or “a token Vice President.”

Among the cabinet members, he is unique for being a businessman rather than a military officer. Actually, he keeps an eye on the internal affairs of the empire and supports the nation as an administrator, including jurisdiction of the colonial planets.

Miezela Celestella / Voice: Minori Chihara

Propoganda minister for the Great Imperial Gamilas Empire. From the planet Jirel. She is an aide to Dessler who brings him military reports from all fronts while also serving as his minister of propoganda. She also manages Dessler’s intelligence service.

Note: previously-leaked information on this character gave the following description:

Mizera Shabelaster: Gamilas propoganda officer

A woman of strange beauty who acts as the President of the Information Ministry. An influential person in terms of domestic politics, responsible for the suppression of insurgents seized in cooperation with Gomura. She is respected and feared by high officials of the army who are afraid to be branded by her as traitors. She is infatuated with Dessler.

Mirenel Link / Voice: Akemi Okamura

Gamilas Central Intelligence Special Officer. The equivalent of 18 Earth years of age. Rank: Lieutenant. Born on the Planet Jirel.

An intelligence officer who works directly for Celestella, and a psychic. The two of them are also the last survivors of Jirel. By using the Akerius ruins hyperspace network at Balun base, she materializes her mind onboard Yamato, where she performs information gathering and sabotage [in Episode 14].

Gul Deitz / Voice: Katsunosuke Hori

Supreme commander of the Great Gamilas Empire Astro fleet. The equivalent of 55 Earth years of age.

Came from a family of officers and bodyguards from generation to generation, an experienced Admiral who oversees all elements of the Gamilas space fleet except the orbital planetary defense fleet.

Melda Deitz / Voice: Shizuka Itou

Woman pilot of theGreat Gamilas Empire Milky Way area 707th military air wing. Her rank is second lieutenant.

She is equivalent of 19 years of age on Earth. Her father is Admiral Gal Deitz, supreme commander of the imperial spacefleet. Born to a military man’s proud family line, she values honor above all. As a pilot with the skill of an ace, she flies the red Tsvuelke, which is her cherished machine.

Herm Zoellik / Voice: Norio Wakamoto

Inspector General of the Great Gamilas Empire Central Command. The equivalent of 47 Earth years of age.

General of the army, and second only to Dessler in his influence over the military administration. Descended from a noble family of pure lineage, an arrogant man who schemes to reestablish the old aristocracy.

Heydom Gimleh / Voice: Junpei Morita

Captain of the Great Gamilas Empire Imperial guard. The equivalent of 39 Earth years of age.

Top commander of the Imperial guard, the enforcement hand of the empire responsible for maintaining public order. Also leads the secret police, which thoroughly monitors rebel elements and ruthlessly cracks down on them. The guard has its own independent space fleet that watches for every opportunity to supplant the military guard.

Gremto Goer / Voice: Masashi Hirose

A Major-General in the Milky Way Galaxy campaign for the Great Gamilas Empire.

He is the equivalent of 47 years old on Earth. He oversees the Gamilas Army’s operations toward the Milky Way, and does not accept failure from his subordinates. It is said that he is inept as a military officer.

Velte Talan / Voice: Yutaka Aoyama

Secretary of Defense, Great Gamilas Empire. The equivalent of 42 Earth years of age.

Also serves as the Secretary of the Ministry of Supply to oversee the production of munitions from the top of the Department of Defense. An excellent technocrat who has earned Dessler’s firm confidence.

Ghader Talan / Voice: Koutarou Nakamura

Chief Staff Officer, Great Gamilas Empire Imperial Headquarters. The equivalent of 40 Earth years of age. Rank: Lieutenant General

Serves in the drafting of military operations in the Imperial Headquarters General Staff. He has a traditional military temperament and a strong sense of loyalty. Younger brother of Velte Talan.

Eruc Domel / Voice: Akio Otsuka

Military defense commander of the Great Gamilas Empire, Small Magellanic Cloud. Rank is Lieutenant General. The equivalent of 38 Earth years of age.

A famous general of Gamilas admired by enemy and ally alike as “The Wolf of Space.” He is dispatched from the Small Magellanic Cloud as a measure against the barbarians which repeatedly invade the imperial domain. While commanding the forces of the Small Magellanic Cloud, he takes up the defense of the front lines.

His 6th Space Armored Division is called the “Domel Army Corps,” whose mobility gives them a striking power like a blast of wind. Their unity is said to be the best in all of Gamilas. Rather than striking directly at an enemy, they divide them and force a surrender, making full use of driving tactics.

Domel is adored by his subordinates and has a noble-minded personality. He holds ability in high regard and does not discriminate against those he conquers. He has the chivalrous soul of a knight and honors an opponent who does their best. Domel’s main duty is that of a military officer, and though he keeps his distance from politics, he is a close associate of Dessler and enjoys national popularity. There are also many who do not admire him.

Bem Haidern / Voice: Shinpachi Tsuji

Senior Staff officer in the Great Gamilas Empire 6th Armored Division. The equivalent of 58 Earth years of age. Rank: Colonel.

Worked his way up the military to a senior position. He is a self-made man who has accompanied General Domel into many battlefields. Holds the additional post of Captain of the flagship Domelus III while serving as a staff officer at the time of the open sea strategy. As a senior overseer of the staff, he experiences continuous friction with the reckless Major Berger.

Fomto Berger / Voice: Junichi Suwabe

Commander of the 7th destroyer squadron, Great Gamilas Empire 6th Armored Division. The equivalent of 27 Earth years of age. Rank: Major.

The youngest and most hot-blooded officer of Domel’s staff, received a facial wound while in action. Leads the vanguard when Domel’s division deploys in blitzkrieg attacks

Ryle Ghetto / Voice: Kiyohito Yoshikai

4th aerial warfare captain of the Great Gamilas Empire 6th Space Armored Division. Equivalent of 30 Earth years of age. Rank: Major.

A member of Domel’s staff officer team who never loses his cool. His foremost skill is as a fighter pilot, and he is a top ace marksman.

Charis Kraitz / Voice: Takuya Sato

3rd aerial squadron chief in the Great Gamilas Empire 6th Space Armored Division. The equivalent of 41 Earth years of age. Rank: Major.

A quiet giant, even taller than Domel, who specializes in space blitzkrieg.

Wolf Frakken / Voice: Jouji Nakata

Captain of the Great Gamilas Empire UX-01 Dimensional Submarine. The equivalent of 34 Earth years of age. Rank: Lieutenant Colonel.

He is a subordinate of Admiral Deitz with the appearance of a protege. As the Captain of special duty vessel UX-01, his tactics of driving an opponent to their death has earned him the nickname “The Hound.” Across all Gamilas forces, it is said that he is second to none in the field of space battle. A loner by nature, he dislikes those who wear the mantle of power and sometimes exhibits unexpected behavior toward senior officers. On the other hand, though his subordinates are difficult to deal with, his skill as a naval commander inspires their full confidence.

Gol Hainy / Voice: Setsuji Satoh

Great Gamilas Empire, first mate of Dimensional Submarine Battleship UX-01. The equivalent of 31 Earth years of age. Rank: Captain.

Frakken’s right hand man and a warmonger by nature. In the past he caused trouble for senior officers at the front and was to be court-martialed, but was saved by Frakken. He is quick-tempered and impatient in contrast to Frakken’s calm demeanor, but is unswervingly loyal.

Dotem Gelhen / Voice unknown

The vulgar Gamilas military commander from the original series (laughs at his own jokes). Minister of food resources, chief of the food production bureau. While attending a party function, he exhibits tasteless conduct while drunk and loses his life to Dessler’s imperial wrath.

Vuelke Shulz / Voice: Yu Shimaka

Gamilas commander, Pluto advance base. Rank: Colonel.

Gamilas established a beach head on Pluto and built an advanced base where Shulz is now stationed. Commander of a former space brigade that consisted of second-class Gamilas citizens (a race under subjugation). He is from the colony planet Zalts, which was annexed by Gamilas. He left his wife and daughter to serve the Gamilas nation.

Hilde Shulz / Voice: Ayano Miura

As a girl of Planet Zalts, she is regarded as a 2nd-class Gamilas citizen. She is the daughter of Pluto base commander Vuelke Shulz and is the equivalent of 13 years old on Earth.

She loves her father and awaits his return with her mother Raiza in the Imperial capital Baleras. Since she is the daughter of an older man, her father Vuelke dotes on her. She has a cat-like pet from Zalts called a “Krall” which is her best friend.

Gelf Gantz / Voice: Cho

Gamilas secondary commander of the Pluto advance base. Rank: Major

Also from the planet Zalts. A 2nd-class Gamilas officer who was an adjutant of Shulz before being stationed on Pluto. Like Shulz, he was born on Zalts and his skin color is different from a pure-blood Gamilas.

Vuol Yaretora / Voice: Daisuke Egawa

A strategy staff officer at Gamilas’ advance base in the solar system. Rank: major. He drew up the planet bomb attack on Earth and commands the Reflection Satellite Gun on Pluto. He is a sincere military man who has earned Shulz’ confidence.

Saleluya Raleta / Voice: Hiro Yuuki

Commander of the Jupiter floating continent supply base under the Great Gamilas Empire. Rank: major. From the planet Zalts. His age is the equivalent of 36 Earth years.

A technical officer in charge of receiving supplies at the floating continent outpost for the strategic military unit, in preparation for the Gamilas-forming of Earth. Speaks in effeminate tones, always holds and talks to his cat-like creature from Zalts called a “Krall.”

Valus Lang / Voice: Toru Ohkawa

Captain of the Meltoria Class Aerospace Battle Cruiser EX178 who appears in Episode 10. His rank is Lieutenant Colonel. A noble-minded officer, he suggests an escape operation in cooperation with Yamato and keeps his promise to Okita. Like Shulz, he is a second-class Gamilas subject from Planet Zalts.

Paren Nerge / Voice: Takashi Onozuka

An intelligence officer of the royal guard who happens to be on board EX178 in Episode 10. His rank is Captain. He earned his place in the guard by being a first-class Gamilas citizen and looks down upon second-class subjects such as those running EX178. His arrogant attitude garners hatred from those around him.

Since each character description on the Earth side includes the prefecture-of-origin, one fan in Japan created this chart to visualize it. It was originally posted on this blog, titled “Dreamlog.”


The official 2199 website is not the only source of character data. Production documents leaked from the studio have turned up on Wikipedia Japan and various blogs. It’s possible that this information is obsolete or simply speculation, but it’s specific enough to be of note.

DO NOT CONTINUE READING if you are averse to spoilers.

From Wikipedia:

Sasha Iscandar

Called Sasha in the previous work. Her costume has changed in this work; she is the middle sister between Starsha and Ulyssia. The concept changed to make her the second messenger to Earth. Originally, she was entrusted by Starsha to deliver the message capsule to Earth, but this time she delivers the “Wave Core” of the Dimensional Wave-Motion Engine.

Ulyssia Iscandar

The younger sister of Starsha and Sasha. One year before the story begins, she is entrusted by Starsha to deliver to Earth the blueprint for the Dimensional Wave-Motion Engine.

Translator’s note: though “Yurishia” is a more literal transliteration of her name, the spelling “Ulyssia” is advocated by translator August Ragone for its similarity to the Japanese rendering of “Ulysses.”

Vuerte Talan: Gamilas Large Magellanic Cloud defense commander/General

Although he is a great intellectual strategist, he has a pessimistic nature and is prone to worry about his decisions. He also has the confidence of Dessler and is a charismatic person with a gentlemanly manner. He is also a henpecked husband. He is attached to Dessler after their planet’s decisive battle.

Helm Goering: Chief of Staff, Gamilas Imperial Headquarters [obsolete name for Herm Zoellik]

The number 3 man in the Gamilas hierarchy, the commanding general of the army. A self-proclaimed genius tactician who talks big with a portly physique to match. He is given to place too much confidence in his allied forces and underestimates the enemy. Feels that Domel’s popularity threatens his position. He plans to assassinate Dessler, but is found out beforehand and attempts to pin the crime on Domel.

Haidom Gomura: Director General of Dessler’s bodyguards [obsolete name for Heydom Gimleh]

Placed in control of the secret police. A senior general whose name is synonymous with fear in Gamilas society, and a man of few words like a ghost. Supreme commander of Dessler’s guard fleet. A new fleet is reorganized after Dessler’s escape from the home planet, and he pursues Yamato with Dessler.

From other sources:

Gul Deitz: Admiral/Fleet Commander of Covert Dimensional Submarine Unit

An old soldier of excellent pedigree and a genius of warfare strategy. A sworn friend of the family of Domel. (Who was his former student in the military academy?) Member of a liberal group who questions Dessler’s government and secretly explores reconciliation with Yamato. Becomes a provisional leader of Gamilas and achieves a cease-fire with Yamato after the death of Dessler. Through Yamato, he is asked to accept refugees from Iscandar.

Altar Fourgen: A young Gamilas officer [obsolete name for Wolf Frakken]

Captain of a Dimensional Submarine (Under Dimension Boat, or UD Boat for short) named YamatoShadow of Death. His planet of origin is unknown, but he was adopted by Dietz. He commands a covert unit assigned to Domel’s fleet. For some reason, he thoroughly knows the tactics of Yamato (Okita) and is always able to predict its actions.

Elisa Domel

Wife of Domel, member of an insurgent group

Starsha, Queen of Iscandar

Last queen of Iscandar, 7th planet of the Sanzar solar system in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Gives Earth the plans for the Dimensional Wave-Motion Engine. Dessler is devoted to Starsha, and therefore she is hated and cursed by others on Gamilas.

Sasha, Messenger of Isandar

Brings the core unit of the Wave-Motion Engine to Earth in a message capsule, but her ship crash-lands on Mars. Her death is confirmed upon her landing. She resembles Yuki Mori.

Ulyssia, First messenger from Iscandar/younger sister of Sasha

Came to Earth with the plan for the Wave-Motion Engine and a message from Starsha one year before Yamato‘s launch. Her subsequent fate is unknown, but a coffin containing her body is placed in a secret room on Yamato. One of the purposes of Yamato‘s voyage is to deliver her to Iscandar. She seems to have the same face as Yuki Mori.

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