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Part 5: Movie Music


King Records, KICM-1542
October 15, 2014)

This chapter in Yamato 2199 music history opened when Nana Mizuki released this three-track single (her 30th) titled Forbidden Resistance. It included the title track, another named Dream Rider, and BLUE, the end title song for A Voyage to Remember.

Lyrics and Vocals: Nana Mizuki / Composition: Eriko Yoshiki / Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima
Lyrics translated by Neil Nadelman

kimi no te ni fure teru yōna
atatakai hikari kono hoshi wo terashiteiku
konna nimo utsukushii sora
Soba ni aru koto wasuresou ni natteita yo

Asahi ga saseba mezameru
atarimae ni kanjiru keshiki no naka ni
kiseki ga nemutteita’n da

daremo ga kagiri aru toki ni umaerte
kagirinai kibo wo sagashite tsudzuketeru
osoreru koto mo itami wo shiru koto mo
ai ta iu mirai ni tsunagatteiku

tomedonaku oshiyoseru hibi ni
nomarenu you ni tada hashiru shinakute
hontou ni taisetsu na mono
kidzuiteiru no ni miushinai ni natteita yo

kotoba wo koeta omoi ga
aoi umi wo megutte yume wo tsubasa ni kaeteku
kirameku tabiji e

kitto nanika ga hajimaru shunkan wa
kagayaku egao to tomo ni aru darou
namida de nijinda yami ni mayottemo
ai ga ashita e no michi o kirihiraiteiku

dareka no tame ni ikiru yorokobi
hajimete kimi ga oshiete kureta
chiisana hi ga hikareai kodama suru you ni
sekai o irodotteiku

daremo ga kagiri aru toki ni umaerte
kagirinai kibou wo sagashite tsudzuketeru
osoreru koto mo itami wo shiru koto mo
ai ta iu mirai ni tsunagatteiku

“itsumo kimi ga shiawase de arimasu you ni…”

The warm light of this star shines upon me
Like the touch of your hand
Just when it seemed I’d forgotten
That a sky so beautiful was right next to me

When the morning sun shines, it awakens
The miracle, that slept amidst scenery
That feels so ordinary

Everyone is born with limited time
As they keep searching for limitless hopes
The fears and the pains they know, as well
Leading to a future called love

All you can do is run to keep from being
Swallowed up by the unceasing march of time
Even as you realize that you’ve lost
The things that were truly precious

Feelings beyond words
Sail upon the blue seas, turning dreams into wings
On a glittering journey

Surely, the moment that something begins
Will be accompanied with a shining smile
And even if you’re lost in a darkness blurred with tears
Love clears the path to tomorrow

You taught me for the first time
The joy of living for the sake of someone
Little lights, drawn to each other, seeming to echo
Coloring the world

Everyone is born with limited time
As they keep searching for limitless hopes
The fears and the pains they know, as well
Leading to a future called love

“May you always be happy…”

Great Harmony ~ for Yamato 2199
digital single

Released December 3, 2014

This was a digital-only music release in MP3 format with three tracks: the opening theme from Ark of the Stars with Taro Hakase, and two versions of the end theme Great Harmony (with and without vocals). It was initially announced that a physical CD single would be released, but these plans were withdrawn. However, you can listen to the whole thing on Youtube here.

Read about the genesis of the song in Yamato 2199 Report 39 here

Lyrics: Yumi Yoshimoto
Composed and arranged by Akira Miyagawa
Vocal: Ayaka Hirahara

Watashi wa inoru anata no namida ni
ushinatte mo kizutsuite mo
ikite iru

wakeau omoi heta ni afurete
watashitachiwa unatate ita anogoro e

moichido kaerou
natsukusa umorenagara miageta hoshiyo
ikasa rete iru koto o
tomoni aruite ku yūki e to kaeru no wa ima

Oh Great Harmony
namida no naka ni kibo ga aru
Oh Great Harmony
inochi no kagayaki de ashita no michi o terasu

ginga no naka no chisana jinsei
dakedo fukai sono kanashimi kakaete mo

moichido kaerou
tamashi no furusato e ega o motte
atarimae no koto nado nani hitotsu nai no
norikoeta toki ni kidzuku hazu

Oh Great Harmony
anata ga umarete kita mato wa
Oh Great Harmony
ima kono shunkan no yorokobi no muko ni aru
Oh ~ shinji teru wa
hitotsu ni naru kitto itsuka

Oh Great Harmony
itsukushimu yo ni dakishimete
Oh Great Harmony
inochi no kagayaki de ashita no michi o terasu

ashita no michi o terasu

I pray to your tears
Even if I am lost or wounded
I live

The thoughts we shared flood the universe
To those days when we were together

Let’s return home again
Looking up at the stars from the summer grass
It has been kept alive
Now we walk together with courage

Oh Great Harmony
There is hope in tears
Oh Great Harmony
The brightness of life lights the way to tomorrow

Small life in the galaxy
Can still suffer deep sorrow

Let’s return home again
With a smile to the soul of our home
We’ll take nothing for granted
When we get there, we’ll notice it

Oh Great Harmony
The reason you were born
Oh Great Harmony
It goes beyond the joy of this moment
Oh ~ I believe
Surely we’ll become one someday

Oh Great Harmony
I cherish your embrace
Oh Great Harmony
The brightness of life lights the way to tomorrow

The way to tomorrow is lit up

A Voyage to Remember Blu-ray Audio OST

Columbia, COCX-1105. Released December 24, 2014

This one is a real first, a Yamato soundtrack released on a format that preserves theatrical-quality sound. It contains the entire 81 minute score of A Voyage to Remember on a Blu-ray disc with three different sound formats. An 8-page booklet provides a track list, song lyrics, info on other Yamato music products, and this introduction:

Yamato 40 Anniversary, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 A Voyage to Remember

From the beginning of the Space Battleship Yamato TV broadcast in October 1974 to Final Yamato in 1983, a big boom spanned over ten years and became a social phenomenon. Sequels were made afterward, such as Yamato 2520 and Yamato Resurrection. Producer Soji Nishizaki and General Director Yutaka Izubuchi revived the original 26 episodes as Space Battleship Yamato 2199, which included enormous new designs and a new interpretation. The Space Battleship Yamato TV BGM by the late Hiroshi Miyagawa was rescored, with many new pieces by Akira Miyagawa that decorated Yamato gloriously.

The first step to commemorate Yamato‘s anniversary in October 2014 was to release A Voyage to Remember, a new compilation film that condensed Episodes 1-24 of the Yamato 2199 series into about 130 minutes as a lead-in to the new movie Ark of the Stars in December. The music used in the film was finished in stereo for the series, and was converted to 5.1ch specs for A Voyage to Remember. This increases the solid feeling of the lower frequency, expanding it for a wide open feeling.

This time, the Voyage to Remember original soundtrack is brought to you on Blu-ray audio, a first in the Yamato series. It includes the familiar Space Battleship Yamato opening theme by Isao Sasaki and also the new ending theme, BLUE by Nana Mizuki. It is formatted in 5.1 channel linear PCM and Dolby True 5.1 channel, but since it was recorded in linear PCM stereo, those who don’t have 5.1 channel playback equipment can enjoy it, too. But I want you to hear it in 5.1 channel by all means. There are 49 tracks that total 80 minutes, and I’ll be very happy if you can enjoy the music world of Yamato 2199 A Voyage to Remember.

– Sound Director Tomohiro Yoshida

Since it’s a Blu-ray disc, it does have a video image as well – a single, constant image of the cover art with a menu for individual tracks. Only the track title changes as the album plays.

The disc can be purchased from CD Japan here, or from Amazon.co.jp here. However, if you have all three of the Yamato 2199 soundtracks, you can compile your own version by combining these tracks into a single playlist. The reference number 1.31 refers to album 1, track 31 (and so on).

1 Cosmo Tiger (Wan-dah-bah) 1.31
2 Space Battleship Yamato (Short Size) / Isao Sasaki 1.01
3 The Infinite Universe 1.08
4 Yamato Sleeps in the Setting Sun (Short) 3.01
5 Across the Beautiful Ocean (Sad) 2.21
6 Yamato‘s Bolero 1.13
7 Theme of the Yamato Saga 1.16
8 The Scarf of Sorrow 1.22
9 Warp 3.05
10 Silence of the Cosmos 1.24
11 First Contact 1.04
12 Sorrowful Yamato (Oboe only) 3.26 (or 1.09)
13 Ambition 1.23
14 Enter Dessler 1.32
15 Gamilas Anthem: Praise Be Our Eternal Glory
    (With Vocals) 1.40
16 Suspense (Sense of Distrust) 1.29
17 Sortie of The Enemy Spacecraft 1.20
18 The Recon Plane Takes Off 1.10
19 Keep Watching the Stars 1.43
20 The Lady of Iscandar 1.0
21 Across the Beautiful Ocean 2.20
22 Suspense A 2.17
23 Sleeping Desires 3.28
24 Battle to a Stalemate 2.08
25 Yamato Into the Vortex 1.21
26 Suspense B 1.12
27 Gamilas Anthem: Praise Be Our Eternal Glory
    (Without Vocals) 1.41
28 Black Tigers 1.26
29 Garmillas Dimensional Submarine 2.12
30 The Abandoned City 1.25
31 Desperate Crisis 1.03
32 Yamato Advances 1.02
33 The Fleet Gathers 2.03
34 A Dictator’s Anguish 1.44
35 Sorrowful Yamato 1.09 (or 3.26)
36 Pioneering Yamato Theme 1.34
37 Dessler Surprise Attack 3.17
38 Lonely Desler 3.18
39 Imperial City Defense
    (“Yamato Into the Vortex” Variation) 3.19
40 New Baleras (or Second Baleras) 3.20
41 Presidential Office ~ Crumbling Hope 3.21
42 Aspirations (Ambitions of a Young Man) 2.23
43 Encounter in the Void 3.22
44 Across the Beautiful Ocean (String) 2.22
45 Sorrowful BG 1.14
46 Blue Crystal 3.24
47 Harmonica (Scarlet Scarf) 2.14
48 Yamato Departs the Earth 1.17
49 BLUE / Nana Mizuki (ED theme)

Ark of the Stars original soundtrack, Blu-ray Audio OST

Columbia, COCX-1106. Released February 25, 2015

Ark of the Stars has an ample amount of new score, making this the first Blu-ray Audio disc to debut completely new Yamato music.

The track titles are as follows:

1. Last hope
2. Space Battleship Yamato 2199
   (opening song)
3. Barbarian invasion
4. Ship’s log
5. Thoughts
6. Berger’s sorrow
7. Relaxation
8. Gatlantis surprise attack
9. Dagarm
10. Yamato vs. Gatlantis
11. Flame strike gun
12. Yamato descends
13. Yamato crash warp

14. Grey-colored space
15. Shambleau
16. Sudden change
17. Descent of the prototype airboat
18. Yamato sleeps in the jungle
19. Illusion hotel
20. Picture book
21. Ship’s log – the hotel
22. Nightmare
23. Berger’s past
24. Sabera
25. Whisper of Jirel
26. Chase
27. Friendship

28. Lerelai
29. Time of awakening
30. Combined action
31. Yamato sortie
32. Emperor’s shadow
33. Gatlantis
34. Decisive battle –
   Yamato, Garmillas, Gatlantis
35. The Ark returns to the sea of stars
36. Separation, Separation, setting sail
37. Yearning for Earth
38. Great Harmony ~ for Yamato 2199
   (ending song)

Also included is an 8-page booklet with song lyrics, info on other music products, and this introduction:

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Ark of the Stars Original Soundtrack

This disc is the 5.1 channel Blu-ray audio original soundtrack for Ark of the Stars, the new feature film that was released in Shochiku theaters on December 6, 2014. This is the second Yamato Blu-ray audio disc following the compilation film A Voyage to Remember. The story takes place on the way home, between TV series episodes 24 and 25 (of 26). Yamato and Garmillas join in the struggle against a Gatlantis vanguard fleet led by Dagarm.

For a limited time, fans who pre-ordered the disc from Neowing
(the Japan-only side of CD Japan) received a matching coaster.

The music on this disc was newly recorded for the film by composer Akira Miyagawa. The opening theme Space Battleship Yamato 2199 contains a violin solo by Taro Hakase, and the end theme Great Harmony ~ for Yamato 2199 includes a vocal performance by Ayaka Hirahara. In the story, the BGM includes a song titled Wakare [Separation] on a record Captain Okita plays in his captain’s room, which came from another source.

Unlike the large quantity of BGM recorded as a music library for Yamato, a method closer to film scoring was employed, and the composer created the necessary music based on the length of the movie.

I’d like to mention something about Separation here. The song’s original title is Muss i denn [Must I then], and it is an old Swabian folk song from the rural southwest of Germany. Although it was originally a love song about a temporary separation from a lover, it was later often played as a war song or a marching song in its native country, and was heard in Das Boot (1981) in a scene at the start of the voyage. Toshiaki Okamoto, a composer who was involved in the founding of the Tamagawa Academy, translated the lyrics into Japanese as a song about parting with a friend.

Twenty years have passed since music for movie theaters came to be made in 5.1 channel, but now with Blu-ray audio you can easily enjoy at home the same sound source used in a theater. Since the audio has been recorded in various forms of linear PCM stereo – 5.1 channel linear PCM and Dolby True HD 5.1 channel – you can still enjoy it even if your Blu-ray environment is not capable of 5.1 channel playback. These 38 tracks total 68 minutes, and I hope you enjoy the music world of Yamato 2199 Ark of the Stars.

– Sound director Tomohiro Yoshida

Ark of the Stars soundtrack CD

Lantis, LACA-15492. Released May 27, 2015

This disc arrived right alongside the movie on home video. The track list is identical to the Blu-ray Audio, including the opening and closing songs. The new opening Yamato theme was previously published on the 40th Anniversary Best Track Image Album (from December 2014), but this was the first CD to include Great Harmony for Yamato 2199.

Order the CD from Amazon.co.jp here or from CD Japan here.

Muss i denn limited edition CD single

Nippon Columbia, GES-15070

Japanese lyrics: Toshiaki Okamoto
Arrangement: Akira Miyagawa
Singing: Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

This unique disc was an exclusive for top-price ticket holders who attended Yamato 2199 Concert 2015 on February 28 and March 1. It is a direct reproduction of an antique record of German folk songs owned by Captain Okita in Ark of the Stars. The album jacket is exactly as it appears on screen, complete with simulated wear around the edges.

The disc contains three variations of the German folk song Muss i denn [Must I then], one with vocals and two instrumentals, all heard in the movie soundtrack under the name Wakare [Separation].

Since this song originates outside Space Battleship Yamato, other performances of it can be found, such as these on Youtube:

Wooden Heart by Elvis | Muss i denn from the Das Boot OST | Vocal performance by Mireille Mathieu


Saraba saraba waga tomo
Shibashi no wakare zo ima wa

Saraba saraba waga tomo
Shibashi no wakare zo ima wa

Mi wa hanare yukutomo kokorohahitotsu
Itsu no hi ni ka mata ai min
Sa kikumase waga tomo

Goe awase utae ya wakarenouta o
Itsu no hi ni ka mata ai min
Sa kikumase waga tomo

Farewell, farewell my friend
I’ll say goodbye for now

Farewell, farewell my friend
I’ll say goodbye for now

Even if the body goes, the heart remains
I will see you again someday
Godspeed to you, my friend

We sing a song of separation together
I will see you again someday
Godspeed to you, my friend

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