Based on material created by West Cape Corporation, 1980-81
Developed by Tim Eldred with Carol Hutchings and Derek Wakefield
Artwork by Tim Eldred, 2009-2015

Welcome to a brand new Star Blazers experience: the continuation of a story that ended far too early. Of the three TV series, The Bolar Wars was easily the most complex and ambitious, but in the end it was not allowed to run its full course. In response to low initial ratings, Japan’s Yomiuri Network cut the year-long series in half and caused a huge amount of very promising story ideas to go unproduced. After languishing in obscurity for decades, those ideas have been revived and renewed in webcomic form and can be read RIGHT NOW.

Click here to start with the TV series anime comics (from Episode 1).

Click here for an introduction to the webcomic

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  1. I’m wondering, is Chapter 10 still being made? It has been some time since Ch 9 and with the changes of the website I’m curious if it is still being worked on.

  2. Thanks for your interest! Chapter 10 is in production. I had to put all work on the web comics aside while the website went through its transitional period, but that’s over now. Chapter 10 should be posted before the end of this year, then the series will continue to the end.

  3. I watched some of the Bolar Wars and was rather disappointed. It just didn’t seem to measure up to the other works in the series. I fell in love with your work after reading the “Star Blazers Rebirth” webcomic and “Grease Monkey”, and this is what I found! I have been following it eagerly ever since. It is SO much better than the original…A pity that the Bolar Wars had to be cut short. Keep up the good work!

  4. Chances are good. As of 11/27 it’s well into the inking phase. Color comes after that. I’ll keep everyone posted on the Facebook page.

  5. Tim,

    Just wanted to say thanks for continuing the Bolar Wars comic series. I just finished Chapter 10 and and looking forward to the rest! Good job on this – it is of high quality and truly a labor to be commended for.


  6. when Chapter 11 still scheduled for the update and will posted ? i can’t wait to see that and i am truly loved to read it.

  7. I’m really enjoying this comic, Tim. Extra kudos for expanding General Talan’s role, too. That poor man should get hazardous duty pay! 馃榾 Thanks again for all of the work and devotion you’re putting into these comics. They definitely rock!

  8. when Chapter 11 part 2 still scheduled for the update and will posted ? i can鈥檛 wait to see that and i am truly loved to read it.

  9. When Final Chapter still scheduled for the update and will posted ? I can鈥檛 wait to see that and I am truly loved to read it.

  10. Truly majestic stuff, this Bolar Wars Extended webcomic, Mr. Eldred. First Star Blazers: Rebirth (that’s the webcomic that got me here in the first place), now this new diamond in the vacuum of space. One read into one of the more galactic-scale chapters – especially the Planet Gardiana ones – extinguished any potential letdown burnout by watching the 25 ep Bolar Wars series – even extinguished the will to watch it. After all, did not Mariposa say “There is no one right way”?

    I can hardly wait for the Grand Finale.

  11. Are you ever going to finish this web Comic? It’s been more than 6 months since the last chapter, I’d really appreciate being able to see the end.

    • The last chapter has been in steady production the whole time. It’s very large and complex, and it’s taking longer than usual. But you’ll see the first half of it in the May update. (BTW, if you were a member of our Facebook community, you would have seen several announcements about its progress.)

  12. L茅vai J贸zsef reporting in again.

    So, from the Solar System throughout Known Space to Gamilon to Gardiana to Iscandar and back to Earth, it has boiled down to this. The final act before the curtain call. The Grand Finale. The final shootout between the Space Battleship Yamato (or Argo, depending), now armed with the weapon of the Sun’s – and Earth’s – salvation, their ally, the Galman Wolf, Bemlayze of Bolar with his black hole cannon and that Galman traitor Keeling. The prize? Earth’s future, clearly. The punishment? Total annihilation.

    And at risk? Countless human souls in danger of being supernova BBQ’d – including one soul about to be born.

    You sure know how to make my summer, Tim Eldred. Keep up the good work. Oh, and this finale’s the one rubber ball I really, REALLY don’t wanna drop if I were you. Make every single shot count – and don’t even THINK about sparing the ammunition. It IS the Grand Finale after all.

    Wish ya best of luck, Big T. And remember: Yamato is what it means to be young.

    • That is the best review I’ve ever gotten. If you’re in our Facebook group, you can start reading the final chapter TODAY. (June 8)

    • If you’re asking to print them out, they won’t look very good at current resolution. I recommend just telling people about this site so they can read the comics here.

  13. Is there any way I could download the entirety of this at once? I could just download each individual page 1-by-1 but that would be tediously time-consuming. I could also just read it on the website as intended but I’m interested in maintaining access to it in case my internet suddenly goes kaputt for whatever reason.

  14. Whoah. I read all the issues that came out (as far as I could understand with my English ^^). And it was awesome. Exactly what screen time was missing in the series – everyday scenes, jokes, life on space battleship. It is unusual to see characters names of English adoption and no 鈥淵amato鈥 in the text (but is not the point).
    I really like the style. You can see how much love was invested in the project. Compositions of frames, colors. The exact poses of the characters and their facial expressions. Sanada is a real MAN (another strange pairing, but It is working!).
    Thank you very much for this work. Of course, I want to see a sequel. But that is not the point. You contain a cool website and you do so much for a fandom. This is visible in everything. You are a wonderful person!

    • Thank you so much! I don’t have a desire to make another Yamato/Star Blazers story, but I’m glad that this one is still finding friends. (By the way, I am also an animation director. Maybe you are my lost step sister.)

  15. I am wondering if a new comic book series/title could be made today? I know an artist in the comic book industry would love the opportunity to illustrate it.

    • All rights currently reside in Japan, so it would be very difficult to get anything new going here. If and when a US Star Blazers movie ever gets made (it’s supposedly been in the works for the last five years, but there’s still no finished script) that’s when media for a US audience becomes a possibility again. Until then, not-for-profit Fanfic is our only option. So if this artist you know of really REALLY wants to do it, that’s the path.

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